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By: 8-80Cities  09-12-2011

Through innovative programming, we share knowledge and experiences from around the world that strengthen the capacity of communities to create vibrant cities for people.Using educational tools, community engagement techniques, advisory services and reporting and analysis, we help communities create walk-able and bike-able cities that offer great public places.Each community is unique so every project we undertake is custom-made. You won’t find “cookie-cutter” solutions here. Adopting a collaborative process, we work hard with our clients to understand their issues.From Keynote Presentations and Community Engagement Days to Professional Development Workshops and International City Study Tours, 8-80 Cities offers a number of programs that we can tailor seamlessly to fit each community and its unique needs.Please contact us to discuss our services and how we can help meet your goals.Sectors we serve:

Government and Public Sector

Our team offers crucial services working with decision makers in the public sector toward creating more walkable, bikeable communities. We deliver training sessions for government departments seeking to better understand the benefits and complexities of creating great urban spaces. We offer keynote presentations and Study Tours to better equip you with best practices from around the world. We also work on behalf of the public sector providing services such as community engagement days,place-making projects and community assessments to help departments better understand the needs of its citizens.

We have worked with planning departments, school boards and provincial ministries. If your school board, university, hospital, municipal, provincial or federal department is looking for this type oftraining or consultation, 8-80 is eager to help.

Private Corporations

We are skilled in community engagement and have experience working with the private sector providing services such as community consultation for parks and public place development, housing projects and master plans. We can facilitate a process of community engagement to support successful projects that reflect community needs and vision.

We’ve worked with housing development, construction and architectural firms. Contact us if your business requires such training or consultation.

Nonprofits and Community Based Organizations

Grassroots organizations are the backbone of our communities. Our team offers community-based organizations the tools needed to engage the wider community in the creation of more walk-able, bike-able neighborhoods with great urban spaces. We offer inspirational presentations and study tours that demonstrate what’s possible. We also provide community consultation, place-making activities, and community assessments.

One of our chief concerns is encouraging communication and raising the level of understanding between various community stakeholders. Through our workshops and place-making services we can also work with your organization to develop relationships with key stakeholders such as elected officials, city staff and members of the business community, in order to help you articulate the needs of your community.

We have worked with seniors organizations, business improvement areas and environmental groups. Contact us if your nonprofit or community-based organization needs such training or consultation.

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Increased level of awareness and education regarding the need for creating communities that are walkable, bikeable and boast great public places.
  • Boost enthusiasm and support for community initiatives that endorse people-friendly, sustainable and healthy communities.
  • Educate communities on international best practices that are adaptable to their community
  • Encourage critical thinking and creative approaches to community challenges
  • Establish short and long-term community-led goals
  • Help identify local champions who are key to the process of change
  • Encourage communication and raise the level of understanding between various stakeholders.
  • Provide an opportunity for stakeholders to network and enable resource-sharing and collaboration
  • Inspire the development of new resources and useful tools