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By: 3do  09-12-2011

3dO File Transfer And Archiving Services provide a secure and easy method to send, receive and archive digital dental models. Our services are designed to improve communication between dental laboratories and dentists as well as providing doctors with searchable on-line storage of dental models.

Key Benefits

  1. Reliable Delivery Of Sensitive Information
  2. Absolutely Easy To Send And Receive - No Training Required
  3. Secure Encrypted On-Line Storage
  4. Custom Solutions For Orthodontics

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Digital Study Models for your Dentist

Orthodontic Laboratory solution is a unique combination of products and services designed for small- and medium-sized orthodontic laboratories enabling them to provide dental model archiving and analysis services to their clients while reducing their production cost. The copy of the dental model is retained on 3dO server in the industry acceptable file format eliminating storage requirements while providing efficient record search capability.