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By: The Neat  09-12-2011
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NeatDesk for Mac is the high-speed scanner and software combination that will help you clean off your desk and organize all your important information on the Mac.

Lightning-fast scanning. The award-winning ADF (automatic document feeder) scanner provides a central “inbox” for all the paper that normally clutters your workspace. Its unique paper input tray allows you to insert up to 10 receipts, 10 business cards and 10 full-size documents, and scan them all in a single batch. Or remove the tray to scan up to 50 letter-size pages at once. You can even perform double-sided scanning in a single pass. With the push of a button, your paper documents are transformed into high-quality digital files.

Powered by NeatWorks for Mac software.  Once your paper is digitized, NeatWorks for Mac uses "Intelligent Text Recognition" technology to extract key data from your documents and populate key fields automatically in this robust digital filing system.

A natural on the Mac. NeatWorks for Mac was developed from the ground up to look and feel like the applications you use every day, and integrates seamlessly with the Mac OS. It features drag-and-drop functionality, Smart Collections, and is completely integrated with Spotlight - so you can find any file with a simple keyword search. You can even import electronic receipts or documents into NeatWorks simply by printing from any application.

Key Features:

Scan in receipts to:

  • Create expense reports
  • Keep records of vendors, dates, totals, even sales tax
  • Assign tax categories to receipts and keep digital copies for tax records(accepted by the IRS)
  • Export data to Excel® or Quicken®

Scan in business cards to:

  • Capture contact information
  • Save original image of business card with each contact
  • Send contacts to Address Book
  • Sync contacts to your iPhone or mobile device

Scan in documents to:

  • Capture text that you can edit
  • Organize documents in your digital filing cabinet

Organize Your Information:

  • Create separate cabinets for multiple businesses, projects or time periods.
  • Organize documents in folders and subfolders so you can keep relevant items organized together.
  • Create Smart Folders based on specific criteria such as vendor name and category.

New! NeatWorks for Mac Version 3.5

The latest version of our NeatWorks for Mac software makes it easier than ever to transform your paper into information:

Improved Features & Functionality

  • OCR is 40% more accurate than previous versions. This means less data entry and highly reliable search results.

  • Performance optimizations have resulted in faster folder loading and faster image processing times so you can work more efficiently.

  • Customizable fields enable you to show and track just the information you want for receipts, contacts and documents.

Reporting and Tax Enhancements

  • New Tax Reports enable you to roll up tax deductible expenses by category to speed up and simplify tax preparation.

  • New Export to TXF feature lets you send tax data directly to TurboTax.

  • Reports are now a view of your data. You can make live updates to layout and data to see exactly what will print or be saved without previewing. Plus, report templates can be saved for future use.

Expanded Support for 3rd Party Formats and Scanners

  • Data and images can be exported to Excel and Numbers so you can easily graph, chart or track data.

  • Compatibility with all current Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners.

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