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Audio and Video Productions from Sound Pro Studios

By: Sound Pro Studios  20-12-2010
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Media services both in southern Ontario and online include:

  • online and direct sales of stock footage video, audio, AE projects and images. Complete HD video production including shooting, edit and delivery, custom graphics, logos and motion graphics in various print or video formats. Also location audio recording for both music or narrative content and original custom musical scoring.

About Sound Pro Studios from owner James Hooey

  • I started the company informally way back in 1999 recording independent music. With a diploma in Recording Engineering from Fanshawe college and a long musical background, I produced hundreds of recordings from my private studio for several Canadian bands and independent musicians. Delving deeper into my past I wanted to rekindle my teenage enthusiasm for photography and drawing and formally founded a company that could deliver all the current types of media.

Sound Pro Studios was formed in January, 2008 with a vision to specialize in digital media in all it's formats. I wanted to utilize the latest technologies available to create high end productions on a small budget. What has developed is simply awe inspiring, as affordable digital video cameras and professional software have allowed me to create high end media for clients who would never have considered it due to previous costs.

The other aspect I have embraced along the way is a rapidly expanding community that has developed through the proliferation of the world wide web. To further my knowledge in media creation, design, videography and social trends I have often relied on literally hundreds of great online resources. I wanted Sound Pro Studios to be a part of that community and help others with similar interests. That is partly why this web site exists. While it offers clients a place to shop for services, I also use the web site to help educate and offer resources for creative's to give back to the community.

So that is the market that I know and love and the mind set of Sound Pro Studios as a company. Create cost effective media and encourage the independent producer. The future of Sound Pro Studios lies in knowing that digital technology is forging forward at a tremendous pace and what is possible now is only the beginning.

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