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By: Hosbilt  09-12-2011
Keywords: Tenor Drums, Drumming Performances,

Hosbilt™ owner Craig Colqhuoun is regularly in demand for masterclass sessions at workshops around Canada and the Unites States of America. Many students have learned a lot about bass drumming from Craig, but there are many more drummers around the world unable to make the masterclasses who Craig would love to reach through the Hosbilt™ website.

Hosbilt™ has created two great new sections on the website just for you:

Bass Drumming 101

Hosbilt Bass Drumming 101 is our video channel bringing together our choice of some of the great bass drumming performances on the competition field. Watch and learn from some of the best bass drummers of the modern era.

Hosbilt 411

411 is the place to find videos and information direct from Hosbilt™ to assist you with the care, maintenance and tuning of your Hosbilt™ instrument. Watch Craig getting hands on with his bass and tenor drums and find out how to properly assemble and disassemble. Learning how to care for your instrument will ensure it always sounds great.

Keywords: Drumming Performances, Tenor Drums,

Other products and services from Hosbilt


Hosbilt™ - Worlds Edition Drum Heads

The Sound Curve™ Collar and Safe-T-Loc™ Hoop and the floating muffling system™ make Hosbilt™ “the most musical and powerful sounding heads on the field“. The all new Hosbilt™ Worlds Edition bass & tenor drum heads by Aquarian feature Aquarian’s extensive research and unmatched tone and resonance. In both the bass and tenor drum heads, the resonance is enhanced by the Safe-T-Lock™ Hoop which holds the heads securely all around.


Hosbilt™ - Carriers & Slings

Hosbilt™ has developed fantastic carriers for bass drummers and drum slings for tenor drummers and snare drummers who still prefer the traditional method of drum carrying. The ingenious bull-ring feature prevents the strap material from twisting and contributes towards positioning the drum in a stable position. The waist belt model helps the drummer bear some of the load onto their hips and off of the shoulder.


Hosbilt™ - Pipe Band Series Drums

Carbon Fiber hoops ensure consistency and durability while our new ‘key-free’ T-stud turnbuckle tensioning system allows for unrivalled quick and easy tensioning. Built to the highest standards associated with the Hosbilt™ name, the Pipe Band Series drums use the same shell specifications from original Hosbilt™ drums. Our new generation of drums are light, strong and sound superb and are available in a variety of sizes.


Hosbilt™ - Carbon Fiber Hoops

The configuration in which the counter-hoop rests on the flesh hoop of the head provides a free coupling between the shell and the head, allowing the collar of the head material to resonate to it’s maximum capacity. The hoops themselves resonate at frequencies that are sympathetic to the tuning range of each drum, which allows the entire instrument to resonate as a complete instrument.


Hosbilt™ - Pimp My Hosbilt

This is in stride with the goal of creating lighter stronger hardware for the tensioning systems. Turnbuckles are available as complete units to replace worn and tired turnbuckles of the past. Hosbilt™ has re-designed the turnbuckle incorporating tubular technology. Carbon Fiber hoop kits are currently available in 14?, 16?, 18. With more standard sizes in development.