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By: Bcs  09-12-2011
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This is the base product for any wood rot repair. Applied liberally, it will penetrate dry-rotted wood and go into the first layers of good wood, discouraging and encapsulating rot fungi and restoring the soft wood to structural strength. Other chemical products may put a temporary stop to wood rot, but only a premium epoxy can give long-term solutions, restore strength and endure under extreme environmental conditions. All epoxy products are not the same. Most are made from petrochemicals. "Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer" (CPES™) is substantially made from wood itself and these particular resins when cured, will have a toughness and flexibility that is comparable to the original wood. (CPES™) contains a feature which dissolves moisture in wood. Try bending cured epoxy products by other names-. (Wear safety glasses.) Premium epoxy products must flex as wood will, under different regional weather conditions. This product is also one of the best primers we have ever seen and applies to any type of coatings. If you are tired of getting paint to stick and last, (CPES™) is your cure. (CPES™) allows wood to breath and is a 1:1 mix.

MultiWoodPrime inpregnates the wood with flexible epoxy and glues the wood fibers back together.
The name "MultiWoodPrime" means it is a multiple-function primer. It promotes topcoat adhesion, seals surface porosity, blocks Tannin bleed, neutralizes wood acidity, resists coating failure and toughens up a soft surface for light sanding. The treated wood can still breathe. Using MultiWoodPrime first makes paint or varnish last longer. MultiWoodPrime is made largely from the natural resins of wood itself. The paint therefore has a strongly attached, chemically compatible surface and is bonded to it better than the paint can adhere by itself.
MultiWoodPrime glues the paint to the wood.

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy is highly flexible glue, which will glue not only oily hardwoods including mahogany and teak, but oak, spruce or any softer wood. It has also successfully bonded Burmese Teak, White or Red oak, Osage orange, Apetong, Araki and lignum vitae. Oily hardwoods need no special pretreatment. A freshly sanded or saw-cut surface is adequate surface preparation. It will (with proper surface preparation) glue a wide variety of metals, glass, and rubber or plastic materials. The cured adhesive is completely waterproof and weatherproof."

Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue™ will glue all oily hardwoods. It will also
(with proper chemical surface preparation) glue a wide variety of
metals, glass, rubber, and plastic materials. The cured adhesive
is completely waterproof and weatherproof.

What it does: It chemically bonds to any topcoat we know of, creating a strong water-resistant chemical bond. They stick and stay stuck. Damp Concrete Primer forms chemical bonds with properly prepared concrete, as well as with freshly applied isocyanate-cured polyurethane paints or polyurethane elastomeric coatings or amine-cured epoxy paints or epoxy coatings.

This is an odor-free water - based, non - toxic, non - acid concrete cleaner and sealer which may be applied to new or old concrete. Its powerful detergent combination flushes out oil and dirt from concrete, for a clean look and good adhesion of anything else. It contains no solvents whatsoever. Its V.O.C. [Volatile Organic Content] is zero.

This is mixed with (L&L™) to provide a 50:50 mix. This paste is used to fill cracks and cavities in logs and large timbers. When cured, it is very flexible and stronger then wood.

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