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By: All Security  09-12-2011


Protection against theft and intrusion is a basic concern of every business or residential owner. All Security can procide you with an easy to use, state-of-the-art system that can grow and adapt to your changing needs.

We offer the following products for both business and residential:

  • Intrusion Alarm Systems

  • Digital Video / Closed Circuit Televison CCTV

  • Access Control Systems

  • Environmental Controls

Digital Video Recorders - DVR vs VCR



Digital Video Recorders enable you to maximize your production and minimize your worries.

A Digital Video Surveillance system utilizes cameras strategically placed around your business to record images digitally for review if needed. (ie. Theft, accidents or simply to review customer traffic flow) The images that are captured are able to be analyzed, archived and, if necessary, used as evidence*.

* Digital Video Recordings are secure and can be recognized by the legal system thanks to digital watermark authentication.


* With VHS tape the more you use it, the more it deteriorates.
* With DVR the initial quality is far greater and archiving of digital video can be done on Tape, CD, DVD, Network Drive and even USB Memory Drive with no loss in quality during transfer.

Search and playback:

* Looking for a specific event on a VHS tape can take hours or days and may be hard to pick out with the human eye.

* Searching for events with


is simple! Recorded video is displayed on a calendar and by selecting a specific day you can view video recorded that day in 15 minute blocks or search for video on specific dates and times saving you valuable time and money.

Remote access & messaging:

* VCR systems can't do anything beyond taping video footage.


DVR Work time:

* a VCR system takes time! You must replace tapes, observe security monitors and search for hours for missed incidents.


DVR gives you back your valuable time

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