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By: Synergee Fitness  09-12-2011
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We invite you to discover what so many of our clients already know – Group Training classes can make achieving your fitness goals more enjoyable and motivating than you ever thought possible.
Whether it’s the great music, the fun atmosphere, the motivation from the trainer, the camaraderie and energy of the group, or the variety in programming, our clients love our group training sessions. We have designed our group training schedule to offer flexibility and a balanced approach to fitness.
Whether your goal is to lose body fat, sculpt your muscles, tone up your hips, thighs, and abs, improve your flexibility, or relax and rejuvenate, we’ve got a group session for you!  Group sessions are available everyday and include bosu, yogo, pilates, core conditioning, muscle conditioning and much more.  Class begin as early as 6:20 am and are offered through out the day and after work!

Revitalize your body both physically and mentally through yoga postures and breathing techniques. Our Yoga Flow classes will strengthen, stretch, tone, and relax your entire body. It is an uplifting workout that increases muscle tone, improves flexibility and concentration, and detoxifies the vital organs. Yoga flow is for everyone who wants to leave their workout feeling refreshed, calm, and re-energized.

Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps to not only build flexibility, but also strength, endurance, and coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back. Strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, and gain awareness of correct body alignment while adhering to the original six Pilates principles of concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. Feel stronger, leaner and longer while learning corrective methods to a balanced body.

Circuit training is an effective, functional workout consisting of a wide variety of heart-pumping and muscle strengthening exercises combined with short rest periods. Get your whole body working in short bursts of speed, agility, and power that will increase your endurance and fitness level. Functional Circuit incorporates all the equipment our facility has to offer- kettlebells, stability balls, bosu balls, the TRX system, medicine balls- plus creative body weight exercises to offer a fun and challenging workout that can be modified to suit any fitness level.

Just as the name implies, Cardio Sculpt Fusion has it all- a cardio and muscle conditioning workout that works your whole body in a fun and challenging way. A wide range of equipment and exercises are used to tone your body and improve your muscle endurance and strength. It’s the perfect workout for the intermediate exerciser who enjoys variety in their exercise routine.

Get ready for a real challenge! This high-energy class will work your balance, core strength, muscular strength, and endurance. Movement on the bosu is designed to improve your deep stabilizers and your neuromuscular system, helping you become stronger and more efficient in your other workouts and your daily life. Bosu incorporates hand weights, body weight exercises, and fun cardio choreography to deliver a fast-paced total body workout.

It’s the perfect complement to your weekly cardio and strength training. Treat your body with a quick thirty minute class of dynamic stretching – moving your spine in a multitude of planes that stimulate the nervous system. You will leave feeling calm, refreshed, and elongated.

This amazing interval training workout will continuously challenge your cardiovascular system, your endurance, and your strength, as well as your power, agility, balance, core muscles, and flexibility. Outdoor bootcamp at Hillcrest Park has you fighting against the elements as you run up hills and challenge your body in a variety of ways. Don’t expect a break once winter arrives- bootcamp at Synergee uses all of our functional training equipment, as well as body weight exercises, to continue to keep your body guessing. You will definitely see RESULTS!

Ditch the workout, join the party! This fun, upbeat class is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program with high-energy music that will keep you moving and wanting more. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, meringue, mambo, martial arts, and belly dance moves to motivate and keep you smiling. It’s easy to do, effective, and totally exhilarating, leaving your energy levels soaring!

Perfect for anyone’s busy lifestyle, Cross Fitness is a quick, 40-minute workout that can be modified for any exercise level. This workout incorporates squats, lunges, pulls, pushes, core exercises, and plyometrics to challenge your balance, stability, and strength.

  • We find that a combined approach works best. Working out one-on-one with your trainer ensures that you still receive individualized attention which will help you master your exercise technique and will allow your trainer to monitor your program. Compliment your private training workouts by participating in a few group training workouts during the week. You’ll enjoy the variety of programming, the energy of the music and the social atmosphere. You have total flexibility and lots of choices – just ask yourself how much time you want to invest in your health and fitness and which types of programs you enjoy best.

  • All Group Fitness Classes are instructed by nationally certified Instructors and Personal Trainers who are well-versed on the most effective, safest and efficient ways to train the body. With our cutting edge programs and an instructor making sure you’re doing things right, you’re going to quickly look and feel your best! Group Fitness Classes are suitable for everyone. Regardless of fitness level or age, we have a program that will help you reach your goals.

  • We are firm believers in the importance of mixing up your training routine. Avoid only participating in one type of group fitness class. Include Boot Camp, Bosu, Kettle Bell, Cardio Circuits, Muscle Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga or any other class in your weekly routine. Participate in some of our outdoor clinics and adventures. This will ensure you develop a balanced body, reduce your risk for developing overuse injuries and help to avoid mental burnout.

  • The Group Fitness schedule is designed so that you have ultimate flexibility within your weekly exercise routine. If you don’t have a ton of time but want to focus on a given area such as cardio conditioning, muscle toning, core conditioning or improving your flexibility, you can come in for a quick 30-40 minute session. If you’ve got a bit more time and want a more intense session, double up on a few of the programs. And maybe a couple times a week, when you’re looking for an intense full body routine, try 3 sessions back-to-back.

  • Please be sure to review the schedule carefully as sessions vary in length. It is in your best interest to show up on time and stay until the completion of the session so that you can benefit from a proper warm up and cool down.

  • We encourage you to book your Group Fitness Classes into your schedule like you do any other type of appointment. Consistency is the key to results!

  • In order to take full advantage of a proper warm-up and cool down, secure your space and equipment, and so as to not to disturb your fellow workout buddies, we ask that you arrive on time and stay until the end of all Group Fitness classes. If you are running late or absolutely need to leave early, we ask that you enter or exit quickly and quietly. Please understand that entering or leaving a Yoga class or any type of class during a meditative, focused segment can be disruptive to the other exercisers.

  • To allow your Instructor to guide you appropriately through each workout, please advise them if you are a beginner, pregnant, have high blood pressure or any other medical condition, injury, or pain that may affect your session.

  • As a member, you can bring an invited guest to a Group Fitness Class. This complimentary visit can only be redeemed by the same individual once. Please schedule an appointment for your guest to let us know they are coming and arrive early so we can ask a few physical and medical questions and have them sign a waiver before the trial workout or class.

Keywords: Flexibility, Workout

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A client should visit their trainer once every 6 weeks to make a few changes to their program to make sure they’re always progressing and experiencing results – too many people stay on the same program for an extended period of time and wonder why they’re no longer experiencing changes in their fitness level.