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Slate River Veterinary Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario | Services

 Preventive Medicine
Our focus is to help prevent disease and illness in your family's pets. Our goal is to help you minimize the need to treat and cure preventable diseases. Preventative medicine increases your pet's chances of having a long and healthy life. We accomplish this through routine annual physical examinations of your pet, proper nutrition, parasite control and through the use of a vaccination program based on an individualized risk assessment for your pet.

Wellness Examinations

Your animals are important members of your family. Here at Slate River Veterinary Services, we treat them as such. Kitten and puppy vaccinations, Annual Health Checkups, senior wellness examiniations, dental examinations and routine vaccinations are important to access and maintain the long term health of your companion animals.

Animal Behaviour Consultations

An increasing number of products and training programs are available to help minimize or eliminate inappropriate behaviours in pets. Please feel free to consult with our staff should you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s behaviour.


We do routine dental work such as cleaning and extractions by appointment. A pre-dentistry examination is required before any dental surgery in order to determine what needs to be done and also to evaluate your pet's surgical health. This also allows us the opportunity to evaluate the need for treatment of pre-surgical proplylactic antibiotics, if required. The reason propylactic antibiotics many be recommended for your pet is a preventative measure when there are signs of heavy gingivitis, tooth decay or infection. It is advisable to start on these antibiotic treatments before the dental work is performed in order to help prevent "bacterial endocarditis". This is a condition which may occur if bacteria leaves the oral cavity, and "seeds" in the heart.

Physical Examinations

Of all the services we offer our clients, we believe this is the most important one. A thorough examination allows us to pinpoint diseases before they develop. Palpation of your pet from head to toe gives us the opportunity to locate not only unwanted guests but allow us to feel internal organs that may be abnormally enlarged or other serious abnormalities. Touch is the most developed tool in our arsenal of diagnostic instruments. Naturally we do recommend having blood work processed yearly, similar to what your own doctor recommends, as this also provides us with valuable information that can only be retrieved through in-depth analysis.

Nutritional Consultations and Pet Foods

We have a wide selection of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs that can help your dog live a long and happy life. From adult maintenance diets to specially formulated diets, such as hypoallergenic and kidney formulations, we have the diet that will suit your pet. If we do not carry the specific brand of food that you need, we can often specially order it in for you.


In-house X-Ray equipment aids us in quickly assessing any physical injury or anomaly that may be affecting you pet’s well being. We can then quickly determine the appropriate course of action, medical and/or surgical.

Medical Diagnostics and Hospitalized Treatment

In-house radiology equipment enables our veterinarians to take and process X-rays on-site, thereby allowing us to diagnose any malformations that may be affecting your pet. This ensures that an injured pet is treated promptly and on the road to a speedy recovery.

Large Animal Ambulatory Medicine and Surgery

On farm calls save you the time and trouble involved in trailering and transporting your large animals to our veterinary hospital. We will come out to local farms and riding areas to provide veterinary medicine; however, we do offer services trailered to our facilities as well. 


Prompt treatment is essential in helping your pet recover from illness. We have a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical products in stock, enabling us to begin the appropriate therapy before you pet leaves our clinic.


Some tests, such as heartworm, fecal testing, urine analysis, profiles and blood chemistry are done on site. For more extensive analysis, samples are sent to an off site laboratory. The results are faxed to the clinic, usually within two days, and they are discussed with the Pathologist on duty. In this fashion, clients have the benefit of a Specialist's interpretation of their pet's results, in addition to our own.

Herd Health

One of our veterinarians will discuss with you your herd health needs and design an appropriate health program, based on your needs, and the needs of your herd.

Pregnancy Testing

We offer both palpation services, ultrasound services, and radiographs for puppy count.

Surgery and Wound Repair

Coggins Testing and Export Examinations

Equine Wellness Program


EVERY animal should have PERMANENT identification. Permanent indentification, such as microchipping, can help reunite you with your lost pet. These procedures are simple and quickly done at our clinic. As how your pet can be protected from a devestating loss.

24 Hour Emergency Services Obstetrics

Services include calvings, foalings, Casearean sections and whelping assistance.

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