Solutions to Homelessness

By: Shelter House Thunder Bay  09-12-2011

The solution?

All homeless people have one thing in common - a lack of housing. Though we can debate what has caused the dramatic increase in the number of people without housing, access to housing is still the first step in dealing with the problem.

There are three components to the solution:

  1. all homeless Canadians require adequate, affordable housing;
  2. all need enough money to live on (job, job training, adequate social assistance or pension); and
  3. some need support services (for health, mental health, addictions, or simply to help recover from a long period of being houseless).

The causes of the problem are indeed complex, the solution is not. Housing, income and, for some, support services are required. The services required depends upon the person involved. These can include housing support services, job training, education, substance abuse treatment, physical and mental health care, counselling, and assistance in job search.

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