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By: Norms Boating Centre  09-12-2011
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We stock, boat and pontoon trailers. Galvanized and painted.

Make sure you ask our friendly staff to take care of your trailer needs, next time you bring in your boat and motor for service. We can check you lights, grease your bearings, and answer any questions you may have about your trailer.

  • Always check tire pressure of both your vehicle and trailer.

  • Tighten all wheel nuts on your vehicle and trailer to the correct torque, using a torque wrench. ( do this on a regular basis)

  • Insert a bolt or padlock into the coupler to be sure it's locked and secure. Crisscross and attach the safety chains to your vehicle.

  • Back your vehicle towards your left so you have a better rear view.

  • Always check the condition of  the spot where you are launching , make sure there's plenty of water, before you back down.

  • Make sure you tow is level by adjusting the height of your hitch or installing a different drawbar assy.

  • Unplug your wiring harness before you launch so you stop hot light bulbs from burning out.

  • Check all lights, turn signals, brakes, etc. on trailer and vehicle before starting out on your fishing trip.

  • Anticipate turning corners, taking a much wider turn with your vehicle to prevent your trailer from going on curbs, hitting ditches or signs.

  • Secure all items inside the boat before towing to prevent damage.

  • Last, but most important! Remove all tie-downs and install the drain plug in the boat before launching.

  • Keywords: Boat, Boat And Motor

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