Piano Action Regulation

By: MyPianoWorks Piano Tuning  06-05-2011
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Inside your piano is a marvelous set of 88 mechanisms, designed to give the pianist infinite control over the sound that they wish to produce. Unlike the keyboards that call themselves pianos, this means that the whims and subtleties of every pianist are precisely translated into sound. This ability is appreciated by pianists of all levels beginner to concert pianist. And more importantly this allows a human being to express themselves, just like on the rest of the real instruments, like guitars, violins, trumpets, etc. This mechanism is called the piano's action. The piano action does need occasional maintenance to maintain and enhance its ability to accurately translate the intentions of the human being playing it. This maintenance is called action regulation. Regulation is the process of adjusting each of the 88 individual assemblies so that they accurately, precisely and consistently translate the fingers commands or instructions into the sound that the pianist desires. Pianists of all levels notice when a piano action is working well or not; that is if they have experienced what a well running action feels and sounds like. In my experience, everyone who has their action regulated notices an improvement in the feel of the action, often commenting that it feel much better, much easier to play. Find out for yourself.

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Just about everyone who owns and plays or has played a piano, knows without any doubt that a real piano (with strings) allows the human being who plays it the ability to express their musical ideas and feelings. And most people enjoy and are inspired by the feeling of the music; notes and rhythm without feeling usually become boring after a short time of listening to it. Keeping your piano in tune and in good operating condition enhances the ability of your piano to transmit your feelings.


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When your piano is in good working order, you will get more pleasure from playing it and students will learn the art of music making much more easily.


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