Flight Information Display System products explained

By: Ifids  09-12-2011

The iFIDS.com product suite bring the power of the Internet to businesses large and small. Companies can easily offer extended customer service, inexpensively market new products or services and sell more efficiently by using integrated client/server data processing and telecommunications technologies. Our innovative web-based products offer new opportunities to anyone looking to maximize their use of the web through a hosted service.

The iFIDS.com Hosted Service is an on premises Information Display System application provided by iFIDS.com.

All you need is a PC with an Internet connection and the display monitors of your choice; the rest is taken care of by iFIDS.com. Free upgrades and system maintenance are part of the package. iFIDS.com is not tied to a specific display platform, so the choice of hardware can be made with your needs and budget in mind. And, hardware is completely scalable – additional displays of any type can be added easily and affordably.

The Custom Browser is a piece of iFIDS.com proprietary software installed on each Display Controller PC that is responsible for communicating with the iFIDS.com Host. The Custom Browser continually monitors the health of the communication link between itself and the iFIDS.com Host, and is the component that will determine if a given Display Controller PC is to communicate with the iFIDS.com Host via either the primary or secondary iFIDS.com ISP.

When you subscribe to iFIDS.com, making sure your FID system works becomes our responsibility instead of yours.

iFIDS.com’s online service provides the same flight information that is displayed at your airport to your website. Through iFIDS.com’s reasonable subscription rates, airports, airlines, the hotel industry and other business sectors that rely on information distribution processes have an affordable means by which to update their guests and customers on the timing of their next flight.

Flight data is received at the iFIDS.com Host Site electronically or manually via the Internet. We then send a custom FIDS feed to your website over the Internet. Airports can now be at the forefront of reducing the negative impact of flight delays on airport customers.

Via the user-friendly online tools, you have complete control of your display profiles. An iFIDS.com client can define as many display profiles as they like. Each display profile can be made to display flight information in any arrangement you choose – arrivals only, departures only, arrivals and departures, specific airlines/airports, all airlines/airports, or specific pages of arrival/departure data (useful for creating coordinated "banks" of display monitors). Each display profile can be made to display a fixed or variable number of flight events per page, and can have its colour schemes and text parameters customized. A display profile’s refresh or paging rate can also be fine-tuned.

Through our Image Server application, iFIDS.com facilitates Internet-based, client-directed, multimedia advertising of various content type (static or animated images or text messaging) on virtually any video output device. Leveraging the Internet for advertising and promotion can significantly reduce the costs of upgrades, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting activities, which can be done in one place through a browser-based interface.

iFIDS.com’s Image Server software is capable of displaying any size image on any web page from a central web-server location. New images can be introduced to an existing image profile, and new profiles can be designed on-line. Similar to the idea of displaying flight data in airports, retailers could use this information technology for the purpose of in-store multimedia advertising. Furthermore, customers can control all advertising locations, worldwide, from anywhere they can access the Internet, which means a more controlled and manageable multimedia advertising campaign.

Our Internet Kiosks direct Internet navigation to websites defined by you. Your iFIDS.com Internet Kiosk Profile defines the default web page and which additional web pages your customers can navigate to. Whether it be flight information, way finding, weather updates, tourism information, or e-commerce affiliate programs, you determine the Internet access that benefits your business.