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Advanced Spine Care & McKenzie Method
We are able to offer advanced spinal care for complex lumbar, thoracic, cervical spine problems and headaches. Treatment approaches include Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), also known as the McKenzie Method, Mulligan techniques, Butler / Shacklock techniques and others. Specifically, the McKenzie Method emphasizes using safe and gradually progressive forces (from patient controlled to physiotherapist applied) to help the client reduce pain rapidly. It is a dynamic technique where the client is actively involved in applying forces in specific directions, altering posture and position to enable pain control and accelerated healing. This technique focuses on putting the person back in control of their own recovery. Long term management and prevention are provided to keep clients pain free following discharge. The McKenzie method can be applied to the upper and lower extremities as well.  Two of our physiotherapists are well versed in MDT techniques, one being fully credentialled by the McKenzie Institute International.
Advanced Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) is the skilled and specialised use of manually applied movement techniques (hands-on care) to the spine, pelvis and extremities. The primary goal is to reduce pain, improve function, reduce muscle and joint dysfunction and retrain the way that you move. This involves a detailed orthopaedic assessment of your site of injury and surrounding areas, as well as specific techniques to fix the underlying problem, while also addressing your symptoms. The goals is to provide you with the best available assessment methods, options to treat your condition and ways to prevent re-injury. Training in advanced manual therapy is at a post-graduate level for physiotherapists in Canada. At Fairway Physiotherapy, we offer advanced orthopaedic services from therapists who have achieved this level of training.
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain & Facial Pain
Temperomandibular joint (jaw) pain can be caused by and contributed to by a variety of structures. These include: the bony surfaces of the jaw, muscles of the jaw, face or neck, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and teeth. It typically influences and can be influenced by the upper region of the neck, posture, breathing patterns and dental disorders. It is often associated with headaches. Detailed physiotherapy assessment of the TMJ and surrounding regions are necessary in correctly identifying the problems and in directing treatment. Often consultation between your physiotherapy, dentist, family doctor and specialist are essential in creating a positive response to therapy. Our therapists have pursued additional training in advanced TMJ assessment and treatment. We are please to assist you in your recovery.
Soft Tissue & Fascial Release
Fascial release is an effective group of hands-on techniques that work to eliminate pain and improve movement and function. It is applied to the soft tissues of the body after a physical trauma or repetitive use injury. Fascia is regarded as a single structure from head to toe, resembling a crystalline spider web or a sweater; it connect to and provides support to muscles, bone, arteries, nerves and internal organs. Normally quite pliable, fascia can easily become scarred and tight due to trauma, inflammation or surgery. This often produces pain far removed from the area where the problem is actually occurring. A detailed physiotherapy or massage therapy assessment can help in identifying fascial components to your pain and offer you innovative treatment options for recovery. Both our physiotherapists and massage therapists have post-graduate fascial training, offering this during your therapy.
Accelerated Bone Healing
As part of our extended services, we are proud to offer the use of Ultrasound Bone Healing Technology. Low intensity, pulsed ultrasound is indicated for the treatment of fresh and non-union fractures. This is not the same as conventional ultrasound used to treat other muscluloskeletal injuries. Conventional ultrasound is not meant to improve bone healing. Ultrasound for bone healing stimulation is a safe and effective adjunct to traditional fracture management and surgery for most bony fractures, except for those of the skull/face or vertebrae. Research indicates that use of ultrasound can result in a healing rate of 97% for stress fractures, and 86% of non-union and hard-to-heal fractures. For more information on ultrasound bone healing services, please contact the clinic. Home devices are also available to use, but require a physician referral and training provided by the physiotherapist. Please refer to the patient brochure provided on behalf of Exogen.
Medical Acupuncture (Certified)
The purpose of Western Medical Acupuncture is to promote healing, relieve pain and to improve your physical function. It is based on the traditional Chinese acupuncture philosophy, but has been guided in Western society by research-driven, evidence based medicine. It is an accepted medical treatment that is often much safer than past methods of pain management. It involves the gentle insertion of sterile needles to specific points on the body to stimulate soft tissue, nerves and blood vessels. It is used commonly in our practice as an option for your care, and can be part of your overall program of therapy. Our therapists have extensive post-graduate training in acupuncture, having received Certifications from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute.
Intramuscular Stimulation (Certified GunnIMS) Acupuncture
IMS in an effective form of treatment for those living with chronic pain. This form of acupuncture was developed by Dr. Chan Gunn (medical doctor) in the 1970s. Among Dr. Gunn’s recognized contributions to pain management, he has received both The Order of British Columbia, as well as the Order of Canada for pioneering this field of medical acupuncture. IMS is adapted from traditional acupuncture, and based on scientific principles, helping us better understand and treat chronic pain. One principle universal to chronic muscle pain is muscle shortening. Through the insertion of thin acupuncture needles into predetermined muscle bands or “trigger points,” it allows the muscle to relax, providing relief to both the muscle and the joints. Unlike acupuncture, these needles are typically not left in, but withdrawn once the cramp sensation is felt. It has proven quite effective in managing chronic neck and back pain, as well as headaches, and pain in the arms and legs. For further details and updates of current research in regards to IMS, please click .
Laser Acupuncture
This form of treatment utilizes a low-level laser beam to stimulate an acupuncture point. This often a preferred technique by those patients who are not particularly fond of needles, or otherwise cannot receive a needle insertion. It is painless and often just as effective as contemporary acupuncture.
Electrical Modalities
Often electrical modalities or electrophsiological agents are used as part of your physiotherapy treatment. These include: ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), interferential current (IFC), microcurrent, laser therapy, electrical acupuncture and InterX Therapy. The primary use of these modalities are to improve local tissue healing, reduce pain and to reduce inflammation. Certain modalities have more evidence than others in terms of effectiveness for different disorders; the intended use of each form of modality (if proposed as a part of your treatment plan) is discussed with you so that you may correctly choose the components of your therapy. We also offer iontophoresis services, which involves the application of patches on your skin to deliver anti-inflammatory medication to your site of injury. The medication used in iontophoresis is prescribed by your physician in consultation with your physiotherapist.
InterX Pain Therapy
InterX Pain Therapy is a unique electrical modality used to facilitate pain control, decrease muscle spasms and improve neuromuscular control. It is different than other conventional treatments (TENS, IFC) because it is able to scan and identify changes in the galvanic skin response to locate optimal treatment locations and settings, it adjusts the electrical stimulation during treatment based on the input from the continual scanning, and it targets the specific area requiring treatment.
Sports Training & Conditioning Programs
We are pleased to provide you with physiotherapy and massage therapy services regardless of your activity level, sport or injury. We treat all sport-related injuries and emphasize preventative strategies to reduce your risk of re-injury. For detailed information on our services to our athletes, please refer to the “I have a sports injury.” section on our Home Page.
Educational Seminars
Educational seminars can be arranged through the clinic by any of our therapists. This can be arranged for workplaces, small groups (i.e. running groups) or conventions. Our past requests for seminars have included: headache prevention and management, prevention of low back pain, prevention and management of running-related injuries and lifting education. We are happy to provide services within Thunder Bay and the surrounding region as required.
Work Conditioning Programs
Various forms of work conditioning programs can be arranged through our facility, which is dependent upon your specific needs. The program begins with a detailed one- to two part assessment by a physiotherapist; there are no assistant or other disciplines used during your physical assessment. The physiotherapist will assess your injury(s) to determine what treatment is required and if you are a candidate for work conditioning. The physiotherapist also may communicate with your work or insurance company with specific questions regarding your job demands. Confidentiality of your medical information is ensured. The program typically consists of active exercise to improve your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness; pain management strategies are also incorporated. Simulation of your job tasks is attempted to facilitate improved ease with your job. Information is also provided throughout the program to address your concerns, to help you understand your injury and healing process and on how to reduce your pain once you return to work. Work Conditioning Programs are typically arranged through most insurance companies, yourself and WSIB.
Ergonomic Evaluations
Ergonomics is the study of how workspace and job design affects your general health and wellbeing. It includes the design of your workspace or environment, how your job is designed and your method of performing your daily job tasks. Over the years, the incidence of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) have increased, especially in office workers and those in industry. Many of these ache and pains are avoidable or reversible with careful consideration of your workspace and how you structure your day. At Fairway Physiotherapy, we can provide individual and group ergonomic evaluations from a trained ergonomist with 15 years of experience. This type of evaluation is often requested directly by workers, their employers or various insurance companies (including WSIB). It is typically funded through most employers or insurance companies. Our goal is to reduce your risk and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and keep you working safely. For more details regarding our various ergonomic services, please contact the clinic directly.
Functional Capacity Evaluations
A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a series of tests which measure physical strength, joint range of motion, cardiovascular endurance, stamina and ability to manage functional activities, such as lifting and carrying tasks. FCEs are commonly used to test for work tolerance and to determine if there are necessary restrictions. These evaluations are typically arranged by a worker’s employer, insurance company or through WSIB. We routinely provide our clinic as a testing facility for FCEs; often with these evaluations as pre-cursors to work conditioning programs. This allows a detailed physical evaluation, detailed treatment and work hardening to allow you to successfully return to work or keep working safely. We are pleased to tailor our FCE testing protocols to your specific work and physical needs.
Cardiac & Neurological Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy is an integral component in recovery after life-changing events, such as a heart attack or stroke. Through a detailed evaluation of your physical status, your physiotherapist can identify areas of physical weakness that may impact your daily activities and quality of life. Through goal setting with your physiotherapist, achievable goals are set in your recovery with a time frame for improvement in mind. Typical stable conditions that we provide therapy for include: heart attack, stroke, COPD (bronchitis and emphysema), multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons’ disease, Guillian Barre and diabetic neuropathies.
Vestibular (inner ear & balance) Rehabilitation
Vestibular rehabilitation is becoming an increasingly popular advanced skill for physiotherapists, with patients gaining much needed relief from their new or chronic dizziness and balance complaints. Typically dysfunction of the inner ear, either due to trauma, infection or aging, can be debilitating for those patients who are experiencing it. The most common forms of vestibular disorders physiotherapists treat include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), post-infection or inflammatory disorders, Meniere’s condition, motor vehicle accident or head trauma. While this area of treatment often involves the entire medical team, physiotherapists are an integral partner in your recovery.
Orthotics are used to treat a variety of biomechanical foot and ankle disorders. They allow the weight of the body to be distributed and transferred correctly. Orthotics can improve your pain by unloading soft tissues and bones in your foot. Orthotics can be covered by most extended health care plans, and typically require a physician referral. Your orthotics evaluation begins with a detailed gait and biomechanical analysis by a trained physiotherapist. Impressions of your foot and walking pattern are taken and provided to the lab where your orthotics are made. Once they are received, we ensure they fit appropriately and educate you in their use.
Post-surgical Wound Healing
Physiotherapy for delayed wound healing is becoming quite common. Certain electrical modalties are proven to improve tissue healing, reduced infection rates and enhance your recovery time. These include, but are not limited to, laser therapy, microcurrent and ultrasound. Improved cardiovascular conditioning is often required in order to improve tissue health. These services are often provided in conjunction with additional treatment by your doctor, nurse or home care provider.
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy involves a collection of stroking, pressing and kneading different muscles and groups of muscles. The goal is to decrease pain, stimulate your nervous system, encourage tissue healing, improves lymphatic drainage and prevent stiffness. The result is usually improved flexibility, stress reduction and general wellbeing. Massage therapy is research-proven for many conditions, including low back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and headaches. Massage therapy can address soreness not only in the larger muscle that we can see, but deeper layers of the muscle that are common sources of pain. It can also be used to address the deeper layers of tissue (fascia) and their connections to internal organs. Our massage therapist contractors have extensive experience in deep tissue massage, relaxation, sports injuries and visceral massage. They treat patients of all ages, including infants and expectant mothers.
Mobile Services
We are currently providing a comprehensive rehabilitation service to the Mary Berglund Community Health Centre in Ignace, Ontario. Mobile physiotherapy and kinesiology services are being provided to the residents of this community by Michael Poling, Physiotherapist and two Certified Kinesiologists. We are capable of arranging additional mobile rehabilitation services to communities surrounding Thunder Bay on a situation-specific basis. Please feel free to contact the clinic to inquire about our diverse models of service delivery.

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