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By: Eec Energy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Organic Waste, Combined Heat And Power

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The future of Anaerobic Digesters is here!

The WASTE MANAGEMENT Solution is Here!

The ADvantage System Anaerobic Digester from EEC Energy Corp. is the latest in high-efficiency waste management technology.

The ADvantage System Anaerobic Digester offers several important features that gives our system the edge over competitors, including:

  • More effective Pathogen kill than leading mesophilic digesters;
  • Increased methane yield in a shorter period of time;
  • Better quality solid by-product - weed-free and pathogen free;
  • Smaller footprint than a mesophilic system;
  • More effective capture of latent heat produced by the generator and liquid off-take.

The flexibility of the ADvantage System Anaerobic Digester makes it the ideal system for most operations that produce organic waste streams.

The ENERGY Solution is Here!

The ADvantage System is designed to offer our customer in flexibility. You can choose output specifically for your operation, including:

  • Electricity;
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP);
  • Hot water;
  • Gas only.

In most cases, producing your own power and heat comes with substantial savings. Even using the biogas can save you money, ensuring your operation a steady, predictable energy price on a portion (or total) overall energy bill.


The ADvantage System Anaerobic Digesters offers a unique approach to nutrient management, especially to agricultural operations.

Nitrogen and Phosphorus release are of most concern to farming operations.

The ADvantage System can make agricultural waste streams more manageable by producing a solid by-product available for off-site, and liquid low in odour and more manageable nutrient levels.

The ADvantage System offers:

  • Turn-key installation and operation;
  • Modular System Design - expandable and moveable;
  • High efficient thermophilic operation;
  • Complete automation packages;
  • Complete by-products separation option;
  • CHP options;
  • Operational support.

The TOTAL ADvantage Management Solution offers all of the benefits of the ADvantage System, plus:

  • Complete management of the system*;
  • Power, energy and by-products management and marketing;
  • Ongoing Research and Development on by-products and system design and operations;

Introducing the "TOTAL ADvantage MANAGEMENT SOLUTION" from EEC ENERGY.

EEC Energy can tailor an ADvantage System package that will fit your operation's requirements. We offer the TOTAL ADvantage Management Solution to ensure the maximum benefit from your anaerobic digester system.

EEC Energy can offer the experience and expertise to reduce Total Cost of Operation, Operation & Maintenance and INCREASE your Return on Investment compared to other anaerobic digester systems.

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Keywords: Combined Heat And Power, Organic Waste