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By: Destra Solutions  09-12-2011
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(Computer systems, monitors, printers, peripherals)

Destra Solutions offers on-site or convenient pick-up and delivery service. We carry out all types of system up-grades and have a full system diagnostic and cleaning program. We also perform a full cleaning service or repair service for most major printer types.
$55/hour     In Shop
$70/hour     Home/On Site
$20.00         Estimate
$15.00     RAM Installation
$25.00     CPU Installation
$55.00     Motherboard and CPU Install and Setup
$35.00     Hard Drive Installation, Format and Test
$55.00     Hard Drive Installation SCSI
$35.00     Installation Single Card (video, sound, modem)
$55.00     Install Multiple Cards (maximum 3)
$75.00     System Assembly with Customer Provided Parts
$30.00     System Tune Up and Cleaning
$55.00     Windows File Transfer, Hard Drive to Hard Drive
$20.00     Windows File Transfer to CD Media (per CD)
$55.00     Installation/Setup Windows
$25.00     Installation Single Software Title
$55.00     Troubleshoot Single Software Title
$55.00     Remove Virus

Learn in the comfort of your home on your own computer!Some Available Courses:
 Access       Excel       Front Page       Outlook       Word       Publisher
Power Point      Internet      Windows 98, XP

Learn to scan a picture, shop online, surf the net, and more!
$30/hour     Regular Rate
$25/hour     Seniors Rate

Don’t know your www from your http? Let Destra Solutions help take the aggravation out of website design. With a proven track record of great innovative creations we will design a customized website to suit your needs. Whether it be a simple informative website or a more complex e-commerce website let us design a great site for you.
$40/hour     Regular Rate
$15/hour     Updates
$50             Search Engine Submission (5)
(Wireless, Peer-to-Peer, Home or Small Office Networking)

$60/hour     Installation

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Keywords: Printers