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By: Computers In Faith Services  09-12-2011

Services Overview

  • Web Design - Web Design, Web Maintenance, plus hosting and name registration.
  • Graphic Design - Posters, Brochures, Newsletter Layout, Business Cards, and Graphics.
  • Databases - MySQL Database Hosting, Excel Spreadsheet Programming (VBA), and Integration with Internet/Intranet Websites.
  • Networking - Setup/Configuration & Maintenance of Routers, Firewalls, Switchs, Voice over IP Systems, PBX Phone Systems, and ethernet cable runs.
  • Repair - Computer&Laptop repair/maintenance
  • Remote Repair - If your internet connection is working, we can fix minor issues remotely.

Computer Repair Rates

  • $20.00 - Computer pickup & Drop-off Service (within Thunder Bay proper)
  • $30.00 - On-site Service Fee per instance (within Thunder Bay proper)
  • $10.00 - In Shop & Remote Computer Diagnosis
  • $20.00 - Remote Repair /hour
  • $45.00 - Basic Tune-UP (updates, and basic maintenance)
  • $70.00 - Normal Tune-UP (Basic Tune-UP + System Cleanup)
  • $90.00 - Advanced Tune-UP (Normal Tune-UP + System tuning + Physical cleaning) Note: Laptop Physical Cleaning service is an extra $20.00
  • $65.00 - Restore Computer to Factory defaults.

We generally do not backup or restore your data unless requested. For other Computer Repair, Backup Needs, Web Design, Development, Networking, Servers and PBX/Phone/VOIP Services please contact us for a quote.

Web Design

At Computers in Faith Services we have a creative side to us, and we would love to draw up a quote for you for your web design needs. All three of us have experience in this area, with Gilles focusing on creative design, Joseph focusing on more technical

aspects, and Stewart balancing both the creative and technical parts of a web design. We can utilize the latest techniques in web design, but are no strangers to the older web formats. We can provide you with HTML, XHTML, PHP, and content management systems. We also have full control of the server to utilize various integration needs. Creativity for design is a God given Charism (talent), and we intend to use it to the best of our ability. For more information on web design, browse our online

, and if you like what you see, please contact us for a quote.

Graphic Design



We diagnose software and hardware problems for Laptop's and Desktop's from most manufacturer's. We know that slow, misbehaving, failing hardware can happen at the worst of times. Rather than get frustrated, trying to solve problems on your own let us do the hard work for you! Common issues could include:

  • Virus/Malware/Spyware problems
  • Failing Hard Drives or Memory
  • Power supply issues
  • Random lockup's or slow performance
  • Software crashes

And we also clean computer components as well! Improper maintenance can lead to overheating, and pre-mature hardware failure. We will strip down your computer to the most basics, and clean everything.

Remote Repair

Remote repair is a system we use to remotely connect to your computer to view your screen, and to be able to fix minor issues over the internet and phone. This can save you time, and costs, and also allow you to better understand what we are doing and how your computer works. We utilize a tool called VNC to connect to your computer, it requires no installation, it's very easy to use, requires no passwords, and it doesn't change anything on your computer. Once the program is closed the connection is closed, and it leaves no trace of itself in memory until you run it again. You must book an appoinment first to utilize this service.

NOTE: This only works with Windows Operating Systems at this time.

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