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By: Canadian Freelance Union  09-12-2011

A growing number of freelancers face work-related issues, usually around non, or slow payment of fees. The CFU will assist its members in managing the situation. We will intervene to help resolve the dispute, and to get what is owed to you.

1. CFU receives a complaint or request for help from member. We first talk with the member to determine the scope of the problem, and to get their explicit permission to act on the member's behalf.

3. The CFU contacts the client/publisher, informing them of the dispute. The CFU requests an explanation from the client within three weeks.

4. If the client fails to respond within three weeks a second, more formal, attempt is made. The same message is repeated, but in slightly stronger language. At this point the CFU hints at further action should the client chose not to cooperate.

5 a). If the client responds, the CFU works towards a resolution,

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Canadian Freelance Union - CFU LFP letter of concern

By providing a professional editor to work with these “citizen journalists,” and even offering training, the paper is clearly attempting to replace paid professional journalists with the free work of members of the public. We at the Canadian Freelance Union are dismayed and frustrated that the London Free Press is now seeking to replace the work of professional journalists with free content produced by members of the community.


Canadian Freelance Union - cards

Anyone who works in the public media as a journalist, photographer, illustrator, magazine/newspaper/online writer, editor, etc. is eligible to apply for our cards. Qualified CFU members are also eligible to apply for the International Federation of Journalists International Press Card. As a member of the Canadian Freelance Union you are eligible to apply for an official PRESS CARD.


Canadian Freelance Union - benefits

As a local of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, the Canadian Freelance Union the CFU is able to offer a set health and dental plans at prices far better than would normally be available to self-employed people. For INDIVIDUALS who need full coverages: Medically underwritten Health, Dental, Out of Province/Country Medical, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Life & Long Term Disability, Estate Vault.


Canadian Freelance Union - job mart

This will help us fund the union, Note, this will operate on an honor system. The CFU Job Mart is a market notice board for members of Local 2040. In essence, it is a virtual hiring hall or job referral service. Its purpose is to help our members find work at fair rates.


Canadian Freelance Union - news

SACKVILLE, NB – July 14, 2010 – Organizers of Communicating for Cash, a two-day series of professional development workshops for writers and other content creators in Atlantic Canada and beyond, are heralding it a huge success. Professionals from Ontario and all four Atlantic provinces gathered in Sackville for workshops, networking and socializing, while others from across the country participated in two interactive online sessions.


Canadian Freelance Union - montreal biz

Christine Kelsey is a Workplace Fairness Analyst with Toronto's Workplace Fairness Institute, where she conducts assessments into sources of workplace conflict to identify improvements in conflict prevention and management. Prior to being an analyst, Chris worked for over twenty years for the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television & Radio Artists in various positions including Manager and Assistant Director (ACTRA Performers' Rights Society.


Canadian Freelance Union - contracts

A good contract is the basis of a fruitful and positive business relationship between freelancer and client. A contract sets out the obligations and responsibilities of the signatories. Change or cross out sections of an offered contract -- it's your right. A service to help members interpret the contracts they face. Contracts are a fact of life in the freelance world.