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By: 4site  09-12-2011
Keywords: Accounting, Asset Management, Power Generation

4Site Accounting and Financials

Business success in today's economy demands flexibility, speed and precise documentation to meet exacting regulatory requirements. Decision makers need fast, easy access to accurate and current enterprise information. With 4Site Accounting and Financials, mining, power generation and process manufacturing enterprises have the tools to put the right information into the right hands at the right time - and ensure regulatory compliance.

Transform Process and Operational Data into Actionable Knowledge

Tight integration with the rest of the 4Site enterprise asset management (EAM) suite ensures that operational data translates immediately into an accurate reflection of the financial status of the enterprise. With each transaction - charging labor and materials to a work order, purchasing goods and services, committing funds to projects, paying suppliers and billing customers - operational data feeds financial management.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Just as important, integration of 4Site business information and governance processes with corporate reporting combine to build a reliable, automated compliance environment. This comprehensive approach means businesses can leverage existing tools to improve business performance and implement robust control and reporting processes. These tools can help mitigate the cost of achieving and maintaining compliance with legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States and Canada's bill C198, as well as future requirements such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Visibility and Control Help Manage Costs

  • Control the appropriation process from budget allocation to project completion with automatic workflow

  • Easily track MRO, repair and replacement; set up asset hierarchy and independent equipment cost centers

  • Simplify capital and operating projects with comprehensive management and security tools

  • Advanced import, export and messaging capabilities leverage existing systems and expertise

  • Operate single- or multi-entity environment

Automated Processes Ensure Accuracy and Security

  • Automated processes and alerts manage approvals, project tracking and reporting, and prevent overruns

  • Powerful tools simplify reporting and enhance accountability for regulatory compliance

  • Workflow and project alerts help avoid costly overruns, eliminate data processing errors, enable security

  • Secure process for approving payments, creating financial transactions and printing checks

Seamless Integration Maximizes Performance

  • Tight integration with 4Site Asset Maintenance, 4Site Inventory Management and 4Site Purchasing/Procurement

  • Eliminates need to build and maintain interfaces

  • Automatically rolls up transactions from 4Site asset, purchasing and inventory management into financials

  • Ensures data accuracy and integrity for financial reporting and regulatory compliance

  • Enables better business decisions faster

  • Provides quick, easy access to comprehensive operational statistics

  • Delivers up-to-the minute summaries and analysis based on current, accurate data

Keywords: Accounting, Asset Management, financial reporting, Inventory Management, Power Generation, Regulatory Compliance

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That's why mining, power generation and process manufacturing enterprises rely on 4Site EAM: for the sophisticated information and technology tools they need to maximize asset performance, control costs and meet regulatory compliance mandates. 4Site EAM helps plant and maintenance managers make better decisions faster, and maintain equipment and facilities at top performance.