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By: Time Release  09-12-2011

Intl. Business Management & Support (Exporting)

Focused mainly on Eastern Europe , TimeRelease helps companies that have either already invested in Russia production operations or are considering a move into Russia . TimeRelease brings considerable first-hand knowledge and experience on business development in Eastern Europe and providing services such as: -> Developing manufacturing and sourcing strategies,
-> Identifying and assessing potential partners or suppliers,
-> Negotiating agreements,
-> Overseeing facilities and systems development,
-> Providing on-site project management, and
-> Recruiting and training of staff Management Consulting (Exporting)TimeRelease provides organizations of all sizes an informed, unbiased perspective on their business which can illuminate both risks and opportunities. TimeRelease also provides the tools to act productively on those insights. Services include:-> Business strategy assessment & development
-> Operational assessment & planning
-> Performance metrics development
-> Project management
-> Market research & analysis
-> Coaching & training Continuous Improvement (Exporting)Companies at any stage of organizational development can benefit from well planned and properly focused continuous improvement activities. Support services include: -> Executive planning
-> Value stream mapping & analysis
-> 1-piece flow / Takt time implementation
-> Program implementation Supply Chain Development (Exporting)Whether a company’s suppliers are local or global TimeRelease can help ensure that the supply chain is operating efficiently and effectively. TR services include: -> Product sourcing
-> Supplier development
-> Inventory control
-> Production forecasting & planning Quality Systems Support (Exporting)The staff at TimeRelease brings first-hand operational experience with rigorous Quality Assurance systems. Quality system services offered include:
-> Quality audits
-> ISO/TS/QS preparations & support
-> Quality systems training
-> Development of documentation Financial Analysis & Modeling (Exporting) The TimeRelease staff is adept at analyzing cost structures, building practical financial models and developing realistic operating budgets. The insights gained from these activities allow companies to establish solid base-lines and SMART goals for future growth and improvement. Services include: -> Financial reviews
-> Operational budgeting
-> Production scenario modeling
-> Cost sheet development & margin analysis