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By: Unirehab  09-12-2011
Keywords: Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is the treatment of physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercises and modalities, intended to restore normal function or development.

Massage Therapy

A gentle therapy that can relieve pain and tightness.


An in-depth study of client's cognitive and emotional state, the goal is to help clients to achieve their highest potential for a rewarding life.

Custom Orthotic Therapy

A biomechanical custom foot orthotic can enhance a proper alignment of the feet and reduce common symptoms or discomfort.

Home Assessment & Job Site Analysis

A service for clients has certain possibility to be reinjured or difficulty in their daily activities or house chores after sustained a body injury.  JSA is a special procedure during the design of a return-to-work plan for the client.

Work hardening & Conditioning Program

This program prepares clients both physically and mentally for return to work.

Family Physiotherapy

This special service designed to serve the whole family in various aspect.

Keywords: Physiotherapy