Mobile Strategy and Technology Consulting

By: Tps Mobile  09-12-2011

Many organizations are aware of the growing importance of mobile technology and the potential impact it can have for their business. However, skill sets in mobile are hard to find and companies are understandably reluctant to invest with uncertain objectives.
TPS-Mobile can help you answer the questions you may have surrounding the mobile option:
• On what functions should we focus and where should we begin?
• Where will I get the most bang for the buck?
• What platforms and devices are appropriate for my business and my mobile needs?
• How can I maintain ?
• How do I manage application deployment?
• How can I keep my data secure?
• Can I support expanded branding efforts using Mobile?
TPS-Mobile can help you align your business objectives to your mobile strategy. We don’t just diagnose the situation and document the options. We’ll provide a practical, effective recommendation and implementation plan that will generate real results and sustainable competitive advantage.

Other products and services from Tps Mobile


Mobile Tablet Applications | TPS Mobile

At TPS-Mobile we see tablet computing as an emerging business trend and believe that tablet devices and their corresponding applications can be nothing less than game changers for companies with vision. Now executives tell us their focus is to make themselves easier to do business with, grow the top line and make their products better than their competitors.


Website Mobile Design and Development

Slimming down the content is definitely part of the process, but there are a number of design considerations and a requirement for considerable professional know how that makes this a specialized task for experienced resources.You are not just minimizing the desktop site or making it fit the small screen. No more than 3-4 links on main screens.


Mobile SmartPhone Applications | TPS Mobile

Mobile phone development is growing and as each application is developed for each device the mobile phone development has to be done specifically for that device using the SDK for that device. Mobile phone development has progressed well beyond simple messaging and games to serious business applications and productivity tools. Until then however there is a wide variety of technologies that can be deployed to support mobile phone development.


Services | TPS Mobile

Our smartphone and tablet custom application development services encompasses all the leading mobile platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows7. We’ll work with you on aligning your mobile strategy to your business goals or develop on one or more platforms as you require. This can be a challenge and our experience with this effort accross multiple industires can be a real asset.