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By: The Ultimate Truffle  09-12-2011
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  • White Assortment – White Truffles & Chocolates Include Creamy White, Lemon Cream, White Champagne, White Raspberry.
  • Liquor Free Assortment - Liquor Free Truffles & Chocolates Include Creamy White, Crispy Hazelnut, Dark Caramel Pecan, Dark Mocha, Dipped Solid Ginger, French Mint, Ginger Truffle, Hazelnut Praline, Marzipan Delight, Milk Caramel Pecan, Milk Mocha, Mousse, Orange Almond, Outrageous Orange, Pure Milk, Strawberry.
  • Ginger Truffles and Dipped Ginger - An assortment of our Ginger Truffle and Solid Dipped Ginger, both dipped in Dark Chocolate.
  • Sugarless Assortment - Sugarless Truffles & Chocolates Sweetened with Sorbitol Include Almond Butter Toffee, Almond Buttercrunch, Cashew Caramel Pattie, Chocolate Truffle Dark, Coconut Cluster, Cordial Cherry – Milk & Dark, Espresso Truffle, Fudge Meltaway, Grand Marnier Truffle, Macadamia Caramel Pattie, Mint Truffle, Pecan Caramel Pattie, Raspberry Truffle.
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  • Dark Assortment – Dark Truffles & Chocolates Include Butter Rum, Coconut, Cointreau, Crispy Hazelnut, Dark Caramel Pecan, Dark Champagne, Dark Mocha, Dark Raspberry, Dipped Solid Ginger, French Mint, Ginger Truffle, Grand Marnier, Just Dark, Marzipan Delight, Orange Almond, Swiss.
  • Hand made, hand dipped, hand decorated – all made in-house with fine Belgian Chocolate. Packaged in our Signature Gold Paisley Box, each order includes a colorful Truffle Guide.

  • Milk Assortment - Milk Truffles & Chocolates Include Bailey’s Irish Cream, Hazelnut Praline, Menage-A-Trios, Milk Caramel Pecan, Milk Champagne, Milk Mocha, Mousse, Outrageous Orange, Pure Milk, Strawberry, Traditional.
  • Our Ultimate Truffle Chocolate Fountain is available for rental for larger corporate events and weddings. For quoting purposes, please tell us where the event is taking place, the number of guests attending, the total amount of time Fountain is to be set up, and the date of the event. Also, your preference of Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate.

    The Ultimate Truffle Chocolate Fountain Package includes the following:
  • One Chocolate Fountain.
  • Attendant(s), for set-up, guidance in dipping, clean-up.
  • Fine Imported Belgian Chocolate, which is melted on-site to ensure client that the chocolate has not been used at a prior event.
  • Attendant would arrive before time for set-up; and remain set up for guests, up to the previously agreed-upon time.
  • Our Table Top Chocolate Fountains are available for sale for smaller corporate events, as well as for small private functions. Fountain Belgian Chocolate specially packaged in 1 kilo bags is available at an additional cost. Corporate - We carry a wide variety of corporate boxes, both in size and color choice. And our pricing fits all budgets. Check our Wedding Box choices as well, as the styles and colors available are easily adaptable for the Corporate sector. Seasonal - We carry a wide variety of seasonal boxes, both in size and style choice. And our pricing fits all budgets. Please keep checking our site for seasonal updates.

    We offer Ashers Diabetic Chocolates, sweetened with Sorbital, packaged in our Signature Gold Paisley Box.

    We also make our own line of Diabetic Chocolate Bars and Almond Bark, in Milk and Dark Diabetic Chocolate.

    Truffle Cake – Our Truffle Cake is a beautiful finale to any special occasion. It’s a rich and decadent blending of Dark Belgian Chocolate, our own hand-made cream, and a fine layer of Marzipan. We top our cake off with a frosting of more of our hand-made cream and cover it with chocolate curls. Small, hand-decorated chocolate birthday plaques (again, made in-house) are available to customize your cake for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    Chocolate Brownies – Our own blend of rich ingredients creates a fudge-like Brownie, frosted with our own topping recipe, and a sprinkling of walnut pieces. We can’t seem to make enough of these for our customers.Dipped Fruit – imported coated Apricot, Orange and Pineapple slices, generously dipped in Belgian Dark or Milk Chocolate.Chocolate Bars & Caramel Bars – All our Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars are made with pure Belgian chocolate, in a variety of flavors, including: Plain, Hazelnut, and Raisin. Our Belgian Chocolate Caramel Bars are filled with our own caramel recipe and they come in Dark or Milk.Almond Bark – A blending of Milk or Dark Belgian Chocolate with our own roasted whole almonds.Scotch Figs – A fabulous blending of flavors – fine Scotch, Dark Belgian Chocolate, Walnut; all coming together to enhance the natural sweetness of our imported Figs. Our suggested serving – as a decadent accompaniment to after-dinner coffee or drinks.

    Corporate – To suit all corporate events, we offer a variety of Novelties, made in-house with the same Belgian Chocolate used to create our Truffles. To view our full line, please see “Novelties”. We design custom work as well; show us your idea and we can discuss it. Our Chocolate Fountain is very popular for corporate functions, with its warm, cascading milk, dark, or white chocolate. Of course, our hand-made Belgian Chocolate Truffles are always fashionable as a give-away, and we have an extensive line of boxes to package them in. Custom printing is available.

    As well as traditional Truffles (our most popular for weddings are White Champagne, Dark Champagne and Milk Champagne), we can create various wedding-themed Novelties, which we make in-house with the same Belgian Chocolate we use to create our Truffles. See “Novelties” for more inspirational ideas. Our Chocolate Fountain Package is available for your special day, with its warm, cascading milk, dark or white chocolate. Truffle Boxes come in a large selection of sizes and colors (custom printing available).

    Choose our Metallic Gold Gift Card for all occasions.

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