Training « Technologix Decision Sciences Inc

By: Technologix  09-12-2011

Training « Technologix Decision Sciences Inc.

Adequate training is key to the successful use of an OptiLogix™ solution and the correct interpretation of its output and recommendations, and for that reason it plays a major role and is an integral part of all our implementations.

Our standard OptiLogix™ implementation incorporates both on-site sessions and unlimited remote training and support during the length of the project and for a period of 60 days following its completion.

Training is done running real scenarios based on corporate data. A Technologix implementation is considered completed only when its users have been thoroughly trained and are able to exploit the features and analytical capabilities offered by the tool.

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On Demand Solutions « Technologix Decision Sciences Inc

As a result of dozens of successful implementations that we have completed over the past ten years, our team is able to leverage proven practices and methodologies to ensure that an OptiLogix™ solution is up and running as quickly as possible in your organization. As an example, the ‘On Demand’ format of Opti-Net™ has been applied extensively to help organizations analyze, optimize and reconfigure their supply chains.


Consulting « Technologix Decision Sciences Inc

Over the years we have helped client organizations implement organizational, procedural and methodological changes that have resulted in increased supply chain performance, improved customer service and lower operational costs. Our team draws upon the 20 years Technologix has developing and implementing planning and optimization solutions, and offers a high level of project management, modeling, customization and implementation skills.


Support « Technologix Decision Sciences Inc

Our client list includes major corporations that have benefited from our personalized approach, long-term customer relationships and unrivaled commitment to service and support. Technologix’s annual maintenance program provides the tools and support to ensure the quality and performance of your Technologix solution. It also includes a number of consulting/development days per year, that can be applied to minor modifications or enhancements.