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By: Smart Engineered Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sensors, Actuators, Performance Textiles

Engi-Tech has designed and developed a diverse range of soft/wearable active and passive components and devices that are applicable for various private and public sectors. The following provides general information on these technologies. Each of the following technologies can be customized according to the needs of a customer.

For further information on the following products, please send your enquires to Engi-Tech is one of the first pioneers for introducing wearable actuators into the medical, military and sport markets. These soft actuators are made from a combination of performance textiles and composite components in the form of a interwoven substrates. Actuators can be attached, sewn or stitched to the existing garments, clothing or any other flexible substrates to append variable compliance features. Low-power consumption, light weight, wearability and comfort, hybrid sensing and actuation are the main features of these types of actuators. These wearable and soft sensors are made from textiles, polymers, ceramics or all of these materials and are properly packaged according to the requested specifications. Customized soft sensors can be made ready for attachment onto any type of flexible substrates for real-time monitoring and data collections. Different ranges of these sensors have been already introduced by Engi-Tech, including: strain gauges, bending and pressure sensors. High demands on wearable components and devices encouraged Engi-Tech to start investigations on other types of wearable functional substrates. Engi-Tech has recently released a novel textile based heater made of 100% woven and non-woven fibers that can be easily sewn, laminated, or stuck to any stiff or flexible surfaces. Low power consumption, breathability, durability, reliability, robustness, and high efficiency are the main issues in focus for designing these soft heaters. Engi-Tech is also providing services on other smart materials introduced to the market. This includes various electro/magneto-active and passive smart materials for applications such as vibration damping, shock absorbing, physical parameter changes, and other mechanical enhancement of a structure. Through detailed technical investigation and consultation with our clients we provide a list of possible solutions for enhancing their existing technologies or products via implementing smart materials and technologies.

A state-of-the-art neck support device was designed and prototyped for Canadian Security and Defense in collaboration with another Canadian company to be worn by helicopter pilots suffering neck pain and injuries. Appropriate smart electro-active materials and sensors have been arranged and integrated into the device for real-time monitoring of cervical motions whilst providing a variable compliance phenomenon through a sophisticated control system.

Variable compliance or stiffness alteration of circumferentially embedded active elements in the device maintains continuous support and protection. Furthermore, the device stabilizes the head/neck complex and reduces the risk of head/neck injuries due to an excessive cockpit vibration.The idea of a novel composite sealant was introduced for gas industries capable of sealing large gaps in high pressures and temperatures. The introduced sealant is sensitive to temperature and can provide one-way or two-way deflation/inflation functions. The heat can be provided from surroundings or an external heat source to activate the sealant. The sealant would be durable and reusable when it is being made in the form of O-rings or strips.A conceptual idea of an interactive Bra was introduced for the sport sector providing more intelligence and protection for female athletes who are involved in high physical activities. The proposed sport bra can automatically stiffen and increase pressures on the breasts immediately when one's breasts is bouncing in high frequency. The stiffness can be automatically decreased or adjusted for medium or light activities.

Keywords: Actuators, Performance Textiles, Sensors, Soft Actuators, Wearable Actuators, Wearable Components,

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