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By: Sisley Honda  09-12-2011
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Vehicles are no longer just mechanical, they are extraordinarily complicated networked computers with hundreds of sensors and dozens of microchips all working to keep the vehicle operating in peak condition and safely. Think of this network as a central nervous system and the car more like a living, breathing body. Bring your vehicle to us and we plug it in to our online diagnostic system that is like a full medical test enabling us to tune the vehicle and find problems often before they become noticeable.

Sophisticated online diagnostics would be worth little without our team of highly experienced factory trained technicians, with over 200 years of combined experience, who can fix problems better and more efficiently than general car mechanics.

Our equipment is second to none. We have computer controlled laser-aligning systems, hoists that stay clear of the vehicle doors, on car disc machining that improves the performance of disc brakes more economically than installing new discs.

If your wheels are chipped or dented they make the whole vehicle less appealing. We refinish wheels and the costs are often far less than the value added. We have full tire repair and tire fitting services as well as provide tire storage. Please ask us for a quote.

When you service your car with us we’ll give it a rinse at no extra charge. And provide an auto spa and full detailing service that makes tired-looking cars feel young again.

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