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By: Serex Sfa  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Crm, Lead Generation

  Why Choose Serex ?

Since 1993 Serex has been providing hundreds of businesses across North America with professionally developed and deployed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. During this period Serex has had the privilege to be exposed to a vast number of Sales, Marketing and Customer Services departments across a broad spectrum of industries. This experience is unique and highly advantageous when looking at it from a Call Centre perspective.

One of the major differentiators that Serex offers is to setup our Call Centre with the same CRM application that you are presently using. Hence whether you are using ACT!, SageCRM, or Goldmine, it makes no difference to us. If you want, we will conduct the Retention or the Lead Generation campaigns in the same system that you are using.
For over a decade Serex has proven to be a solid company developing best practices in CRM and has earned the reputation of being a leader in providing innovative productivity solutions for its diverse client base.

At the front end of any sales cycle is the all important initial contact with the potential client’s Decision Maker. Every contact with your potential clients are treated as a golden opportunity; an opportunity to reinforce your company’s reputation as a pre-eminent leader in its field.  At the back end of the sales cycle is retention, keeping those hard earned and valuable clients. Hence Lead Generation & Client Retention Programs.

Our agents in some cases are making up to 95 calls and are delivering as many as 10 leads per day! Imagine close to 23,000 dials made on your behalf and over 2000 leads delivered per year!

Serex will take over the headaches and overheads related to setting up calling agents. All technology costs related to, salaries, real estate, software, communication, agent benefits, agent turn over, and agent training become our responsibility, allowing you to focus on your business; Hopefully closing all the leads we are providing you.

 Some larger financial institutions who have studied the costs of hiring agents internally, realized that the costs can be as high as $90,000 per agent per year when all is said and done. Our services can be delivered for well under that because we are able to leverage the economies of scale.

These days marketing has become an even more challenging discipline than it ever was. There are so many choices to touch one’s potential clients. How does one select the right method? The efficacy of traditional methods has been seriously diluted by the plethora of available marketing options. Between e-mail spam, fax spam, web site pop ups, so many print choices, so many radio choices, so many TV choices and many others, plus the fact that we have put up many shields to stop these messages from getting to us it is almost impossible to get our messages across. One thing for sure is that everybody answers the phone!

This approach to telemarketing is proving to be a very cost effective and powerful marketing tool, that deliver results!

Professional Serex Call Centre Agents Generate Leads For Your Sales Team

Professional Serex Call Centre Agents Contact Your Existing Client Base To Ensure Satisfaction

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Keywords: Crm, Lead Generation, Marketing, relationship management

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