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By: Salming Floorball  09-12-2011

The world's first floorball goalie shoe!

A light weight shoe with excellent sliding characteristics and maximized flexibility. The sliding area is padded and powered with the very durable DuPont Cordura nylon which provides excellent sliding properties no matter the quality of the floor surface. Divided outer sole for maximized flexibility. Asymmetrical lacing.

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Shooter PocketProvides increased ball control when transporting the ball and places the ball in an optimal position prior to launching wrist shots. Dual CavityProvides increased ball control, feel and power when launching wrist shots and passing the ball. Shooting power, passing precision and performance is what the new Aero blade is all about.


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TipCurve is exactly what the name says - a curve at the tip end of the shaft creating an optimized angle towards the floor surface and the ball - resulting in harder shots without having to bend the blade heel part. KickZone is developed to provide an increased whip-effect meaning that the shaft when bent is kicking back faster and thereby hitting the ball with greater power - creating an increased ball speed.