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By: Patel Printing Press Pvt  09-12-2011

At Patel Printing, we have an exciting range of products that we can print and deliver, customized to the client’s requirements. Our offset and flexo-print equipped machines make it possible to be able to provide a variety of print possibilities to our clients. Here is a detailed picture of the Print Products and Collaterals that we offer.


Our presses are capable of producing books, which are described by their size, number of pages and the binding method use. We employ a lot of different binding methods like saddle-stitching, perfect binding, etc. The books ordered for printing are usually magazines, catalogs, annual reports, etc. We recognize the importance of ensuring that such printed business tools, provide the right kind of impression. Hence, we guarantee processes and results that create a sort of quality that is comparable only by international standards.


We can provide you with different kinds of folders. These are usually of the kinds that are single sheets of paper that have been folded one or more times, like brochures.


These are described as single sheets of paper that are printed on one or both sides. They are usually used as sell sheets, flyers, product leaflets, hand-outs, etc. Although a very small sort of job, you can rest assured that we treat them with as much importance as our bigger orders.


We create posters depending on its usage. This changes the kind of paper used, laminations, size etc. They are usually quite large, (i.e. 11" x 17" or larger). Posters are usually made to create quite an impression and hence, we ensure we have done justice to the job.


Calendars, especially those printed as promotional tools for companies, have to provide a great impression. These can be printed as single sheet poster styles, multi-sheets, or table calendars. No matter how it is used, we can ensure that it paints a really pretty picture.

Pocket Folders (a.k.a. Pouch Folders / Presentation Folders)

These folders are made for the purpose of holding multiple documents of the European A4 (8.25" x 11.75") or the US Letter (8.5" x 11") size. They can also be made with pockets, and customized in other ways according to your requirements. They are usually used to carry and then hand out informational data or proposals. The prove to be quite useful and are usually of the standard 9" x 12" with 4" high pockets. These sizes can all differ depending on each client’s individual requirements and creative suggestions.

Generally used as presentation tools, they are multiple sheets that are bound together. They are held together by binding processes like spiral / wire-o / comb processes. The sheets are generally laminated in order to increase the durability of the aid. These visual aids are used as presentation tools, sales tools, flip charts, etc.

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