IBM SPSS Statistics & Modeler

By: Newcomp  09-12-2011

SPSS Statistics

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced analyst or statistician, IBM SPSS Statistics puts the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hands.IBM SPSS Statistics offers superior capabilities, flexibility and usability that are not available in traditional statistical software. With decades of built-in expertise and innovation, it’s the world’s number one choice for reliable statistical analysis.

Features and benefits include:

A Quality User Experience

  • An Interactive Model Viewer
  • The ability to quickly analyze large datasets within pivot tables
  • Access to a newly improved Syntax Editor, with auto-completion, auto indentation, color-coding and other features to make it easier to automate analytics production jobs
  • Access to multiple interface languages for global teams that may be working on the same project
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications

Better Productivity and Performance

  • Quickly prepare data in just a single step with Automated Data Preparation
  • View significance tests in the main results table
  • Fast performance on procedures for Frequencies, Descriptives and Crosstabs manage and analyze business datasets
  • Create customized, user-defined interfaces for existing procedures and user-defined procedures
  • Multithreaded procedures that improve performance and scalability

Powerful, Leading-Edge Analytics

  • Direct marketing functionality that allows business users to run their own analyses
  • Bootstrapping capabilities that improve the stability of models
  • Nonparametric testing procedures
  • Regularization methods including Ridge regression, Lasso and Elastic Net, that improve predictive models by reducing coefficient variability
  • Multithreaded algorithms including SORT, correlation, partial correlation, linear regression, multinomial linear regression, factor analysis
  • Nearest Neighbor analysis for prediction or classification
  • Non-linear data modeling procedures to discover more complex relationships in your data.
  • Cox Regression that enables survival analysis for samples drawn by complex sampling methods.

Extensibility for your IT Infrastructure

  • Support for 64-bit hardware on desktop for Windows and Mac
  • Support for Snow Leopard™ on Mac OS® X 10.6
  • Support for IBM System z servers running Linux®
  • Mac and Linux users can connect clients to IBM SPSS Statistics Server
  • Support for Python as a “front-end” cross-platform scripting language
  • Support for R algorithms

The latest version of IBM SPSS Statistics includes improved tools, output and ease-of-use features to accelerate and simplify your data analysis, including:

SPSS Modeler

IBM® SPSS® Modeler is a powerful, versatile data mining workbench that helps you build accurate predictive models quickly and intuitively, without programming

Discover patterns and trends in structured or unstructured data more easily, using a unique visual interface supported by advanced analytics. Model outcomes and understand what factors influence them so you can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks.

Features and benefits include:

  • Easily visualize the data mining process, using IBM SPSS Modeler’s intuitive graphical interface. From this interface, you can easily access numeric, tabular data from a variety of sources, along with text, Web 2.0 and survey data, and use modeling to improve business outcomes in areas as diverse as customer relationship management, marketing, resource planning, fraud and risk mitigation, medical research, law enforcement and national security.
  • Produce deeper insight and more accurate predictions by utilizing all of your data assets to create a complete view of your customers or constituents. IBM SPSS Modeler now integrates with Cognos® Business Intelligence software, as well as with a wide range of databases, spreadsheets and flat files – including IBM® SPSS® Statistics, SAS® and Microsoft® Excel® files – and on a wide range of platforms.
  • Choose from a complete range of advanced analytical functions, including state-of-the-art algorithms, automated data preparation and rich, interactive visualization capabilities
  • Deploy models, predictions and insight to decision makers and operational systems, including call center staff, customer-facing staff and websites
  • Access all of IBM SPSS Modeler’s predictive capabilities, as well as IBM SPSS Statistics’ data transformation, hypothesis testing and reporting capabilities, from a single interface
  • Integration with Cognos and InfoSphere™ Warehouse helps you realize more value from your investment in information systems because you can use your wealth of data not only to understand the current state of your business better but also to get a view into the future through predictive analytics

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