Crash Test Planning

By: Newcomp  09-12-2011


Crash Test Planning (CTP) is a simulator allowing organizations to optimize their Cognos 8 configuration.

Optimizing the production environment contributes to a smoother rollout for both IT and end-users. The test is designed to simulate the production environment, and is programmed to add stress to the system, resulting in the knowledge that a) the current configuration will stand up to real-time user stress, or b) the system needs to be tweaked and updated to appropriately meet the needs of users.

CTP offers a user-friendly GUI, and is designed to simulate the usage of the Cognos 8 environment by multiple users—true stress testing. The simulator creates multiple parallel processes on a single Windows machine. Each process independently connects to Cognos 8, potentially with its own credentials. The process then executes a specified list of tasks such as retrieving information from Content Store, retrieving a report specification, or running a report. These tasks are accomplished by each of the multiple parallel processes working in a random order. The simulation also produces detailed log files and executed task outputs.


A graphical interface that enables up to 99 parallel processes, which could then sequentially run up to 99 real Cognos 8 tasks, randomly ordered. Detailed logging functionality. The simulator creates multiple parallel processes on a single Windows machine.

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