Cancer Stoke & Heart Attack only affects other people

By: Marmac Financial Services Limited  06-02-2013
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These days you don't have to put any effort into being bombarded with bad news; just turn on your TV or radio, surf the web,or talk to a friend. Innocent people are killed daily, shootings and home invasions occur in nice neighborhoods, and seemingly healthy people are diagnosed every day with cancer, stroke or heart attack. These events are very unfortunate and often unexpected; and equally unfortunate is the complacency that in many cases, results from the prevalence of the "It won't happen to me" syndrome. This syndrome can prove deadly because most people decide to be affected by it unconsciously. Police officers arrest people every day, Doctors see patients who are sick or injured every day, Firefighters see burning buildings and save lives every day, and Morticians see dead bodies every day; This is the intrinsic nature of what they do because bad things unfortunately happen to good and healthy people. Many people typically spend thousands of dollars each year to protect their assets (home, auto, toys etc.) and little or nothing to protect the source of it all (themselves) because of the silent but deadly killer: The "It won't happen to me" syndrome. Fundraisers are promoted daily across Canada with the goal of raising money to support the families of people (including self-employed business owners who have no pension) affected by cancer, stroke, and heart attack, primarily because of the "It won't happen to me" syndrome. The truth is "It can happen to anybody, including you" and that's why it makes sense to protect yourself and your family with critical illness insurance (which provides tax free money when you are alive or a refund of all of your premiums if you remain healthy and never claim). The next time you purchase your favorite latte or coffee, reflect on this reality: Protecting yourself with Critical Illness insurance can cost less than what you spend monthly at your favorite coffee shop, and make no mistake, none of us are invincible: It can happen to anybody, including you" Call me to discuss affordable critical illness insurance that provides a lump sum tax free payment to you while you are alive, or a refund of all of your premiums if you remain healthy and never claim.

Keywords: Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance Information,

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