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By: Mapdent  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dentists, Map

  • An interactive map of area dentists
  • Fullpractice listings of area dentists
  • Distancedistribution of practices
  • Demographic age profile of dentists
  • Specialist/GP proportions in the area
  • The ratio of GPs to each type of specialist
  • MapDent mobile accessibility

Getting Started is as simple as 3 easy steps. Simply choose yourlocation, size of search, and package plan to get started. Any address can be used for the location of interest. The "size" of search refers to either the maximum nearest number of dentists to include, or maximum geographical radius to search. The package you choose depends on which features you require in your report (see table below).

Location of interest
(e.g. Your existing practice, or potential new start-up location)

Size of search
(e.g. Number of nearest dentists to include, or geographic radius)

Type of package
(e.g. Dentist, New Grad, Specialist, Banking, Appraiser, etc.)

The service packages below include typical features requested by general dentists, specialists, or allied dental industries. Several optional add-on services

MapDent offers customized reports if needed and can also generate maps of other types of addresses that you provide. For example, you may be looking to map dentists that only match specific criteria (specialties, year of graduation) or map the location of your branch offices, existing customer base, patients, suppliers, or any other geographic data.

Allied dental industries, suppliers, labs, manufacturers, dental study clubs, and other groups can use our services to facilitate networking and marketing by targetting groups of dentists by location, age, specialty or other criteria.

Our technology has a variety of applications and we welcome your customized requests. We can generate interactive or searchable maps for your business for integration into your marketing materials or web sites.

Keywords: Dentists, Map