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By: Iqms  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Erp Solution, Supply Chain Software

EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP and Supply Chain Software

What you get from the EnterpriseIQ Single Database Manufacturing ERP Solution

  • Single point of contact for all technical support
  • Consistent user interface
  • One set of tables in an embedded Oracle database
  • Transactions updated instantly throughout the entire system, in real-time.
  • Single maintenance agreement
  • One development team
  • Lower overall cost of investment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quicker ROI

Hidden Costs of Third Party ("best of breed") Integration

  • Higher implementation costs associated with programming the "integration" of the disparate systems
  • Time delayed in transferring data between applications and databases
  • Finger pointing when it comes to identifying a system problem
  • Multiple maintenance agreements
  • Multiple points of software support
  • Higher maintenance fees
  • Multiple databases create a complex problematic system architecture
  • Problems and inconsistencies when creating reports across multiple databases
  • Multiple vendors with different business strategies and visions
  • Incompatible upgrades

IQMS = Total Integrity

IQMS stands 100% behind all products and services, offering no cost upgrades, expert support and implementation resources, and on-going research and development activity. EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP software users are never left behind on the technology curve and can grow their businesses with confidence.

Keywords: Erp Solution, supply chain, Supply Chain Software

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