EI Employment Insurance Refunds & Tax Recovery.Apprenticeship Training Tax Credits : ATTC

By: Hst Refunds  09-12-2011

We prepare the forms for you at your premises.

We offer a very competitive price structure.

We don't send you the forms and expect you to fill them out yourself and mail them back to us.

We offer a very competitive fee down to 15% with our sliding scale structure

Other Corporate Tax Credits

There are several other varied types of Corporate Tax Credits that companies are not taking advantage of. It does not hurt to review what your company has taken. There may be credit opportunities available to you that have not so far been addressed. To miss out on these opportunities would result in an unnecessary impairment of your cash flow. 

Fuel Refunds for Aviation Companies

We have generated substantial fuel refunds for numerous Aviation companies over the years. Our unique system/technique that is approved by CRA short circuits the usual onerous paperwork burden with a minimal effort and results in significant refunds for end-use Aviation firms.

A review of ITCs taken will ensure that you are taking the maximum amount of ITCs available to you. Most companies take advantage of the GST input tax credits, that they see on their suppliers invoices. However they tend to miss the GST/HST refund opportunities that are "hidden" in the legislation.

We make sure that you are taking all of your available ITC deductions.

We are very successful in finding items that have slipped through the system or identifying recovery areas not generally well known

Don't be complacent in thinking that you are taking advantage of your exemptions in PST simply because you have a PST number and "buy everything exempt". Our review usually shows that in fact exemption opportunities are being missed & recoveries are available.

A review of Provincial Sales Taxes will identify missed exemptions and refund opportunities.


Companies remitting QST are often unaware of available ways to reduce QST liability & obtain refunds in this area.

We make sure that you are taking all your available QST deductions. 

We have extensive experience with Drawbacks, Refunds, Remissions and NAFTA. A review in this area could produce substantial savings. A solid understanding of the NAFTA values is necessary to ensure that available duty relief is attained.

During a Duty Review we review how you are dealing with your opportunities under NAFTA and the Harmonized System of Tariff Classification. We examine your potential with regards to Drawbacks and Refunds. 

Workplace Safety & Insurance

We are successful in providing cost savings to the client in the areas of both Claims and Rates. Costly WSIB premiums can be reduces through system review & understanding the principles of NEER and CAD.

Determining the correct amount of EHT payable necessitates a thorough understanding of the EHT legislation. If you believe that all you have to know is the correct rate then you are probably paying too much. Our review ensures that you will be taking advantage of ways to minimize premiums and generate a probable recovery.