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By: Eggshell Resources  09-12-2011
Keywords: food industries, Calcium Carbonate

The processed food industries in Canada, the United States and Europe produces liquid eggs and then discards the eggshells which wind up in community waste sites. In Canada alone over 60 tonnes of eggshells are discarded per day. Our patented technology allows this otherwise discarded product to become one of the safest ingredients available for human consumption in food, cosmetology and skin care.

Calcium Carbonate

Since the raw material for this product is the eggshell, there is no potential contamination with heavy metals as is the case with regular calcium carbonate obtained from limestone.

It is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a main ingredient for acid indigestion and osteoporosis in over-the-counter drugs. It is also used in tooth paste as an abrasive.

In the food industry it is used as filler, as a source of calcium and for acidity prevention such as in yeast for the baking industry.


The egg membrane is full of highly concentrated proteins. This premium product is flavourless and can be used safely in the pharmaceutical and food industries to enhance the nutritional value of prepared foods.

It is used for human and pet consumption as an ingredient to increase the nutrition value of the products. It is also used in natural food products for people on high protein diets.

Current alternatives are based on meat, poultry and soy (tofu) protein


The collagen obtained from the membrane is a safe natural product used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, for skin treatment as an anti-ageing agent.

It is also used in the food industry for water retention in products.

Current alternatives are meat based products, with the BSE (mad cow disease) concerns, fish skin with high mercury potential and synthetic collagen.

Keywords: Calcium Carbonate, food industries

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