By: Brain Power  09-12-2011

1) Continue Working on your Major Assignment. read questions carefully as they have been partially rewritten.

Drawing on our recent class discussions, Ted talks, class articles and essays, lectures, in addition to our thesis development work and your own research – develop an essay based on one of the following three questions:

A) What psychological,sociological and physiological dynamics encourage or discourage the development of criminal behavior?

B) How can our understanding of moral and ethical development, the psychological dynamics of the mind, and recent discoveries concerning the neurological underpinnings of behavior, assist us in making ethical decisions concerning crime and punishment?

C) How do internal (psychological), external (sociological) and situational (power, culture, government, law) dynamics influence thinking and behavior?

This week you should be finished the first THREE paragraphs of your essay.

2) Finish all vocabulary work and study for our test.

3) Watch the attached videos

The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Andrew Ng, Stanford University, STAN 2011).

Robot Dogs

Robot Teachers

Beyond Human : The Cyborg Revolution

A Journey into Nano-Technology

A failed Attempt at Building Cyborg's