By: Arc Rescue  09-12-2011
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 Event Medics :




  NLS Lifeguard


  NLS-Certified Paramedic


 First Aid Products:

  Key Chain CPR Mask w/ 1 Way Valve/Filter


  Pocket CPR Mask
w/ 1 way valve/filter oxygen inlet, hard case


  Personal First Aid Kit


  WSIB FirstAid Kit:
1-5 employees
6-15 employees
16-200 employees


  Nitrile Gloves, box of 100


 First Responder Kits





  Total Rescuer Kit
Includes Oxygen Kit, Trauma Jump Kit and backpack system.


 AED Equipment
ARC is proud to be a distributor of the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automated Defibrilator, the only major Defib not to have a documented failure in the field, and the highest rated for water-exposure. The G3 has CPR metronome and timing functions, and talks to you throughout the rescue. Never having been recalled, unlike Medtronic, it provides safe, effective care every time. It's sturdy casing will take abuse, and we sell cases and cabinets if you want more. Finally the G3 is a high-feature machine: it has a screen, and goes right up to 360 Joules, where Philips and Zoll stop around 160-200 Joules, and have to do without a screen to match our price. Both Zoll and Medtronic are now recalling products. We are now selling G3's with no problems whatsoever.
  First Responder Bag


  Trauma Bag


  Oxygen Bag


  Deluxe oxygen/trauma bag


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Keywords: First Aid