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By: Wholistic Health Care  09-12-2011
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Looks at our unique biochemical body structure and foods and supplements we uniquely need as well as assessing proper sleep, hydration and exercise.

By supporting all of your eliminatory organs to be sure they are performing at their optimum, we can then go in and properly set up a safe and effective detox program, at the appropriate time for you body. Very effective when having metal dental amalgams removed, to be sure your body is properly eliminating these terrible toxins.

Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulation. The scenar/biomodulator uses biofeedback- by stimulating the nervous system, it is able to teach the body to heal itself by raising damaged cell frequency to its optimal rate. Used extensively for immediate pain relief from injuries to pms. to help the tissue heal.

This is for the animal lovers.
Dynamic Connections is about objectively understanding your animal companion. What they are thinking and feeling. What is going on at a deeper energetic level within the physical body. Many times I see behavior issues in animals that are actually linked to an emotional trauma or disturbance that conventional veternary medicine can not help with. Also there can be changes within organs and meridian systems that are not picked up by conventional treatments, yet you as the animal owner know there is something not quite right. Often times this "not quite right" state is seen in behavior issues since this is the only way for them to try and communicate with us.
I am able to go in objectively and find out what is going on with the use of a bio-resonance machine and uncover what is at the core or seat of these behavior issues.

Equine Services

Working with Horses is my first love. What I find works amazing is to run the program during a riding session. This gives me a clearer picture of what the horse is thinking and feeling while working undersaddle or in hand with a specific person. By uncovering maybe some fears or frustrations that the horse may be having or maybe even a physical issue that is aggravated undersaddle; I am then able to come up with some solutions that will fix the underlying problem and thus allow the horse and rider to work in more harmony.

Canine and Feline Services

I do quite a lot of dogs and cats as well. As they also tend to either come to us with "baggage" of some sort, as well as all kinds of underlying physical complications either inherent of created by trauma's that need to be resolved properly. Again it is the behavior problem that shows us that something underlying is going on and it is my job to uncover what the true causation is and help them work through it.

With all animal sessions I provide remedies specific to help with the mental and emotional imbalances. Any physical issues that appear to be in need of support or treatment is extra.

These are quick office visits (20-30 min) for acute ailments such as a cold, the flu or strep throat as well as support remedies for an upcoming surgery. Homeopathic remedies can work wonders in speeding recovery time or alleviating side-effects from convention medicine, such as pain killers.

Keywords: Horse