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By: jb3 - soccer store  12-11-2010

 We supply Custom Made Soccer Balls for the Youth  Club Teams where you need a good quality soccer ball - PU/PVC - to last a couple seasons, at a very reasonable price. We have these balls at around 1/2 the price of similar name brand balls.Our Lowest Price Guarantee - Find it for less and we will match it plus 10% discount. Order a set of Order a set of Custom made Soccer Balls: Made of 1.4mm thick PU/PVC material that's hand stitched, FIFA official size and weight, latex bladder, club colours, experienced craftsmen, guaranteed 2 seasons; Imprinted with your logo-mascot-slogan-address-etc., you save even more because no more lost balls as you can spot your soccer balls a mile away;Our All Inclusive Price makes ordering so simple @$9.99 per ball - it includes, design-silk screening-manufacture-door to door delivery !!  eg. 10 balls @ $9.99 = $99.90, That's it, Delivered!!