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By: Erickson, B Manufacturing  09-12-2011

At the recent National Hardware Show, our new “RE-TRACTABLE” was awarded the prestigious Retailers’ Choice Award. The winning products had to have innovative designs new to the industry. The nice thing
was that the judges were all retail store owners and they said, “We want this product in our stores.”

Our 1" model #34413 is rated at 1500 lbs. with a WLL (work load limit) of 500 lbs. This model is for standard motorcycles. Our heavier model (2" web) #34414 takes care of the heavy machines; this model is rated at 4000 lbs. with a WLL of 1333 lbs. The WLL is printed in large letters on our packaging to prevent over use.

Our interactive packaging design lets the customer operate the Re-Tractable ratchet right in the dealer’s store. The self-sell feature saves a lot of wasted dealer selling time.

Erickson’s new patented design is the next step up in the Tie-Down industry. The Re-Tractable's are so simple to operate – simply pull the web out to the desired length and start ratcheting until tight. To release, simply push down on the RED release button. The web not being used is stored in the centre housing so you have no web blowing in the wind. This feature also keeps the straps clean and free from oil and dirt.#34413 – 1" x 6' – 1500 lb. (2-Pack)
#34414 – 2" x 6' – 4000 lb. (2-Pack)
#34415 – 1 " x 10' – 1200 lb (2-Pack)
#54415 – 1 " x 10' – 1200 lb (Bulk)


2" x 4' – 3000 LB.
Erickson’s new permanent mount ratchet strap is ideal for motorcycles, ATV's, and boat trailers where the same machine is being hauled around from place to place on a regular basis. Simply bolt the ratchet in the desired location using the proper hardware. Easy hook up and release every time. The Re-Tractable ratchet is so simple to operate and works great every time.

Our new interactive package works great at the retail level – the consumer can operate the ratchet in the dealer’s store and make the purchase without any help from the sales people. What a time saver! The bulk concept works great also as the customer can pick up the re-tractable and play with it, learning
the operation. This model is also less expensive as there is no expensive packaging to pay for.

#51319 - Bulk Display Box




Place the ratchet handle at 90 degrees from the locked position; the web will pull out freely to the desired length. Attach the hooks, and start ratcheting until tight. Place ratchet handle in the fl at locked position. To release, simply open the ratchet to the free wheeling position. This patented product has been 5 years in the design stage. Test, test, and more testing has been our strategy to make sure we have the best Re-Tractable design on the market today. Customer satisfaction is top on our list and we feel we have got it right. We’re ready, so hopefully you’re ready to help us launch our new and exciting design into your customers’ show rooms.

#51302 - Bulk Display Box



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