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By: Tavistock Veterinarians  09-12-2011

Foot bathing is one of the fundamental measures in any control strategy for digital dermatitis (strawberry foot rot, hairy wart).

Effective products in footbaths have been copper sulfate and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde usage creates irritant fumes that affect skin, eyes and the respiratory tract. It has been identified as a cancer hazard. The vapor is harmful if inhaled. Formaldehyde can be absorbed through contact with skin. Copper sulphate is a heavy metal and can be toxic and a pollutant to water and soil.

KlingonBlue is a new product containing the active ingredients copper sulphate and zinc sulphate in a patented formulation that ensures improved adhesion of the active ingredients to the treated feet. This product formulation allows for the use of less copper sulphate than when copper sulphate is used alone in a footbath. When used according to label directions Klingon Blue can reduce copper usage used weekly by up to 90%.

KlingonBlue requires special mixing directions to ensure activation of the adhesion portion of the product. Finally KlingonBlue was equally effective in controlling digital dermatitis as was formaldehyde.

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