Changing Martial Arts Studios

By: The Karate Guy  09-12-2011
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Changing Martial Arts Studios

There are many different scenarios that can occur to make a student of the martial arts look for a new studio. Usually it is a case of moving to a new area, and your old club is now too far away. Sometimes, your instructor may change and so has the atmosphere. There is also the chance that your studio just closes. These are just some of the many different reasons that a student may change studios. The bottom line is you still want to learn martial arts, however, you’re not going back to your current studio. I hope I can be of help with this sometimes awkward transition.

Let’s start with the Student’s role:

Don’t try and look for the exact same studio, you’ll never find it. A martial arts studio’s atmosphere is directly linked to the personalities of the instructors, and since everyone is different, the environments will be also.
Do not get hung up on the terminology. For instance, a high block, head block and rising block are all the same block, there may be a slight difference to the chamber and name but it’s all the same stuff.

Most importantly, never let anyone tell you that you’ve wasted your time in your previous studio. You’ve invested time and resources to learn what you know, and this knowledge will help you become a well-rounded martial artist. Practice on your own the techniques you wish to remember and enhance. Also, try and be realistic about your belt level, this will help the transition into regular classes.
Watch a class or two. This will let you see how the instructor interacts with the
students and help to calm any nerves you might have about what will be
expected of the you in class. Ask to try a class, if you feel great afterwards then you’re on the right track.

Now your Potential Instructor’s role:

First, and foremost, your instructor should be proud of you for being a martial artist. A quality, professional teacher will not put down other studios or styles.
A good instructor will not be threatened by any knowledge or techniques that you know that they do not. (This happens often when switching styles, your instructor may be absolutely excellent in one style and one style only)
A professional studio will let you take part in a class to allow you get a good feel for what is to come.
A great teacher will also tell you if you’re in the wrong studio (you’ve found a wonderful person and study of the martial arts, they’re just not right for you).

Be excited about searching for a new instructor and studio. You should have an idea of what you want and don’t want. You also are an experienced buyer of martial arts lessons, use your experience. You are completely in charge of the studio and instructor you pick. By the way, there’s no rush to make a decision. Enjoy the adventure.

Happy kicking
The Karate Guy

Keywords: Martial Arts

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If your studio is open to this, congratulations, you’re in a wonderful place that is easy to join, easy to quit, and easy to come back to. The student used the martial arts as a stepping stone to other activities — becoming a black belt was never the goal. This is important for parents to understand, as many children start a martial arts program to help build confidence.


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The Karate Guy What You should Consider When Choosing a Studio

Try and watch a couple classes, this will give you an idea of the atmosphere in the studio, how classes begin and end, and what some of your future training partners are like. A quality instructor deeply respects their students, and recognizes the commitment it takes to attend martial arts classes on a regular basis. Your instructor will have a strong influence on your personal training and overall enjoyment of the martial arts.