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By: Xray Sierra  09-12-2011
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Our IT Services are geared to your unique work environment providing needs-analysis and system repairs to ensure improved business operations.

In our consulting role, we work with you to learn how your business runs today—and how you would like it to run tomorrow. Then we design technology solutions that bring value to your vision.

Comprehensive Computer Support Onsite and Remotely

Fast and friendly computer technology and IT support from Rock Solid Computer Services is


than having an in-house IT department because you don’t have the overhead.  Rock Solid will diagnose, repair and upgrade your systems both onsite and remotely.

When you need computer support we are here to help.  Technology enables us to fix your systems without actually being onsite which means that your problems are solved faster and because of that you save time and money.

Disaster Recovery

Backup, BACKUP, BACKUUUUUUUP!! You’ve heard it a million times, and so you make a million backups. You buy USB thumb drives, external hard drives and have even looked into doing an online backup. But, how, when disaster strikes, will you know what to do? Is there a real plan place in case something happens?

Insurance will pay for your systems, peripherals and software, but what about customer info, orders and e-mails?   At Rock Solid Computer Services, we will consult with you to recommend a solution that best fits your needs and helps you sleep at night. We will help you put procedures in place to keep your data safe, a copy offsite, and set a retention period so that you can go back to version of your file that’s several days old.

I have no backups! My employee deleted all his e-mail before he left; my USB stick broke off inside my computer; the power went out and knocked out our computers while we were doing updates. Basically, I’m down the proverbial river without a paddle…and my laptop had to be fished from the bottom of said river. What now? We access to vendors and experts with facilities meant for just this kind of problem. We’ve been able to recover data from hard drives that have fallen in lakes.

Network Design and Management

Are you building a new site for your business to move into? We can help you design a business class network to fulfill your needs. We’ve designed networks as small as 3 nodes at a single location to enterprise class multi path redundant networks with 100 nodes spanning several locations. We have even been used as a second opinion.

Growing business owners sometimes don’t realize that when moving to a bigger site, the existing network infrastructure might not be up to par.

Gremlins may exist from previous occupants that may cause issues for the new business. Network data cable is very susceptible to damage from poor installation and interference from nearby power cabling. Our experience in this area will help you make informed decisions about the suitability and costs associated with the acquisition of new sites.

Office Moves and Upgrades

Do you have multiple sites you would like to see moved into a single building? How about the other way around; a building too small to house your storefront as well as the shop, or manufacturing part of your business needs to be split into two separate buildings?

Our Project portfolio includes the staged shutdown, move and restarting of 150+ servers for a client located at 3 different locations into a common server co-location. A project of this magnitude required the management skills of our engineers to not only design and execute the plan but also to delegate workloads to teams of 3rd party help. 

Computer Systems and Accessory Sales

Here are some scary words: business class servers, engineering workstations, user terminals, and the scariest of them all: software licensing. We help make sense of these and get you what you need to accomplish your business needs.

Online Data Storage 

Whether it’s for offsite backups or simple file storage and retrieval from remote locations, Online Data Storage can help you move files around when e-mail won’t work. We offer 2GB, 5GB and 15GB online data storage for small business needs.

For larger storage needs, we also offer HDD hosting which allows you to host a network attached storage device with a storage limit of your choice.

Keywords: Computer Services, Online Data Storage

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