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By: Varis Mine  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ethernet, Cable modem, Data Transfer

Leaky Feeder and Ethernet Communications System

The Smart Com Ethernet system uses VarisÂ’ proven Smart Com amplifier and its 30 MHz bandwidth to provide high speed TCP/IP data transfer through Leaky Feeder. It utilizes industry standard cable modem technology to provide wired and wireless Ethernet applications such as computer networking, IP cameras, teleoperation and VoIP in underground hotspots for less than $1000.

VarisÂ’ Smart Com Leaky Feeder uses the latest technology to deliver 16 simultaneous noise-free* voice radio channels and a 54 Mbps downstream, 40.96 Mbps upstream Ethernet connection. Standard Ethernet equipment can now be hooked up to an inexpensive and simple to install and maintain network.

Local and Remote Diagnostics

Smart Com has reliability built-in with Local and Remote Diagnostics and is backed by a limited two-year warranty. An example of remote diagnostics is below:

*no third-order intermodulation products with 16 simultaneous channels.

Smart Com is available in two versions:

  • Smart Com 150
  • Smart Com 150IS for explosive atmospheres

All versions feature the same performance, voice range guarantee and limited two-year warranty.

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Keywords: Cable modem, Communications System, Data Transfer, Ethernet, Leaky Feeder, Modem Technology, Remote Diagnostics, Wired And Wireless, wireless ethernet,

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Becker Varis - Smart Com Leaky Feeder + Ethernet System - smartcom benefits

Ethernet over Smart Com enables productivity enhancing tools like computer networking, Internet access, IP cameras, VoIP and resource tracking, all on a simple to install and maintain network that is familiar to mine personnel. Only Smart Com Leaky Feeder provides up to 16 VHF radio channels without intermodulation noise so channels can be allocated to groups which cuts down on radio chatter and improves channel access.


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This technology has over 15 years of military and commercial experience, and now it is available for use in the tunneling and mining sectors. Two-way blast control for underground and surface applications. Smart Blast works in conjunction with a mine?s.


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Smart Tag is the latest in long range RFID tagging technology that reliably tracks the location and movement of resources, including personnel, vehicles and goods, for underground mines and tunnels. Smart Tag?s web based software distribution enables multiple user access and provides a real-time view of resource location network wide. Smart Tag consists of active RFID tags, networked RFID readers and a PC/Server running Smart Tag software.


Becker Varis - Smart Com Leaky Feeder + Ethernet System - smartcom features

Remote Diagnostics web server provides immediate notification of problems, pinpoints faults and provides confidence in the network. Proven 500 meter amplifier spacing, with over 1000 km installed since 1997. 16 intermod-free radio channels, super-low intermodulation noise levels. Ethernet, video, Local and Remote Diagnostics are built-in, not options. Smart Com is the simplest Leaky Feeder system to install and maintain.