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By: Norwex   19-08-2014
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Let’s face it while many of us dream of moving into a new house, very few of us look forward to the actual process of selling a home. Beyond the inconvenience of preparing your home for sale, clearing out and cleaning up, doing some deferred light maintenance, and keeping it "show ready" so that strangers can come take a peek at a moment’s notice, living with the uncertainty of when an interested buyer will bite is enough to rattle even the calmest homeowner. I would like to help with a few products proven to work! My Guaranty to please you! This is what I’ve found out. You want your home to look as light and bright as possible. Dirty or spotted windows drag down a home’s appearance! Clean, streaked free windows are easier to spot, making the day-to-day tidying of your house very Easy! Fast! And affordable while it’s on the market a snap! Now you can take control of that first impression! With just a few products on hand you are always ready for any potential buyers. Here are a few areas that Norwex household cleaning products can help you with: With our Household Package you get, a window cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth and dusting mitt. You can clean glass, screens, edges, ledges and tracks. The only way to make it look better without you having to purchase new windows. Norwex Enzyme Products will help you with : Removal of dirt, dust, mold, mildew from even the toughest jobs like siding! A gentle process that removes the grime without removing the paint. And that's just to name a few! Norwex is brightening rooms and attitudes all over town with a Professional service delivered every time. -Not-selling-that-house-with-dirty-are-you? Call me for an in home demo at no charge and no obligation!

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Makeup removel cloth/ face cleanser cloth

• They are velvety and soft & have a suede like texture. • Extremely gentle for those with sensitive