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By: Laser Meter  09-12-2011
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A totalizer is a counter that sums the "total" number of cycles applied to its input. Many applications require only additive counting, but we also offer electronic totalizers with bidirectional (add and subtract) capability for specialized application.
Preset counters (or predetermining counters) are essentially totalizers that can control an external circuit when its counted total matches user-entered preset limits. While one or two presets are typical, we offer models with up to fifty presets.
Timers Preset timers offer various operating functions which enable the device to activate/deactivate control outputs based upon a preset time interval. Time indicators display an elapsed time and are available to register in seconds, minutes, or hours.
 Panel mount as well as hand-held instruments for measuring speed. Available for simple RPM or with scaling factors that allow display of rate in various engineering units such as: feet/minute; yards or meters/minute; gallons/minute; pounds/hour; etc.
 Encoders  An encoder is a sensor/transducer for converting motion or position to a series of electronic pulses. All have a mechanical input and an electrical pulse output, the primary difference between various models being size and electrical features.
Controls &
Volt, current and process meters display and/or control process variables where analog signals represent pressure, temperature, weight, etc. Our powerful T506 Temperature/Process Controllers provide closed-loop PID control of industrial and laboratory heating and cooling processes. 

Keywords: Counters, Encoders, Process Controls, Timers

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