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About Us
GijimaAst Automation part of GijimaAst that has 90% of the top 100 JSE-listed companies as its customer base. Most of these customers are large corporations and government departments throughout South Africa.

GijimaAst focuses on six key industries: manufacturing, mining, government, health, telecommunications and financial services. Automation operates exclusively in the mining and manufacturing industries. GijimaAst Automation tirelessly seeks collaborative, win-win partnerships with all parties, be they customers, suppliers, employees or competitors (who are seen as potential partners). This unique approach is allowing us to win an increasing number of key accounts and to provide them with the elegant, cost-effective and future-proof solutions they are looking for.

Service Offerings

* Consulting
* Project Management
* Planning & Conceptual Design
* Detailed Engineering
* Support & Training
* Consulting
Technology change in business is steadily increasing. The customers challenge is to understand these changes and capitalise on their benefits. Our primary consulting business objectives is driving down per unit costs, enhancing the customer experience, and identifying potential areas of increased revenue through leveraging existing capital.

We understand the industrial manufacturing & mining industry. Our Management Consulting Services provide strategic counselling on applying and integrating real-time information processing with the rest of your business. Automation through its IPS services is uniquely positioned to provide customised management consulting services based on expert leveraging through our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Our phased approach clearly identifies the key opportunities to improve your processes. Once the main objectives are established, we then perform a fully comprehensive study that results in concrete recommendations for improving your bottom line. Our practical, no-nonsense approach assists you in realising the maximum value from your current investments. Whether evaluating the value chain, determining the forces at play on your industry, or developing an IPS strategy to take advantage of technology, you are assured of completely objective, vendor-independent views.

This group of services includes:

* Cost benefit analysis
* IPS Consulting Services
* Economic and feasibility studies
* Vendor selection
* Needs analysis and requirements definition
* Design and project reviews
* Business process design
* Group technology facilitation
* New product or service offerings evaluation

Our consulting focus is aimed at the Automation layer with strong focus on MES and ERP integration and the business needs of the Enterprise Information System (EIS) layer. Our PLC, SCADA and DCS strategic analysis is done to highlight possible organisation risks that could occur as a result of the current architecture, skills and infrastructure with the emphasis placed on the life cycle and maintainability of current equipment

We have built a sound strategic consulting methodology on the IPS platform including, Instrumentation, Automation and MES Levels thus enabling Automation to speak in one voice with one consistent approach and with a consistent methodology to the customer.
Most importantly however is our believe that no system improvement is justified if it cannot be proved to be a quantifiable business benefits within a reasonable payback period. Automation Consulting has developed a Consulting Methodology that:

* Study the business processes and systems in relation to each other.
* Determine systems functionality to support each process
* Develop proposed applications architecture and systems requirements.
* Develop a system strategy that suits each business individual need to comprehensively
model both production information and information flow.
* Describe as-is current conditions
* List specific to-be needs
* Describe the physical systems environment
* Indicate hardware and software preferences
* Describe minimal systems support
* Describe system support requirements
* Strategic technologies Services
* Plant migration paths
* In pursue of the identified opportunities and benefits, the consulting methodology is delivered in a three-phased approach, focusing on the following applicable areas:

Processes - The determination of the future vision practices and processes that will drive the business efficiently as the technical solution is implemented.

• Technology - All the technical and specialist work required to put the information and application software packages in place to enable the business processes that ultimately support the organisation.

• Culture - The wider emotional aspects needed to bring about a successful outcome from the technical solution. These include communication, change management through training, the development of values and an appropriate organisational culture driven by organisational leadership.

It is essential for the delivery of sustainable benefits that all three areas are addressed. The technology can only be considered the enabler, without the balance of all three conditions for success; the business process re-engineering benefits will not be achieved.

* Project Management

TStrong project management ensures that schedule, cost and quality objectives are met. Automation has proven methodologies for executing IPS projects. We work closely with the customer to clearly define the project scope, schedule, cost and execution details. Automation also manages vendors selected to provide hardware and software.

For each project, we carefully select a project team with the appropriate skill set necessary to successfully execute the project. Project team personnel are knowledgeable regarding the industry process and the technologies required. This helps to ensure practical, cost effective and timely solutions.

Responsibility of Project Manager:

* Integration Management
* Scope Management
* Cost Management
* Time Management
* Quality Management
* Human Resource Management
* Communication Management
* Risk Management
* Procurement Management
* Planning & Conceptual Design

During this initial phase of a project, we offer management consulting and high-level project strategies. We start by analysing our customer's unique problems and business opportunities. Then, drawing on our broad-based vendor-independent position, we are able to recommend integration strategies that are the most cost-effective and beneficial. The benefits of these recommendations include: cost savings, revenue improvement, and/or risk reduction.

Deliverables we create during this phase include:

* Cost / Benefit and Justification Study
* Strategic and Master Planning Study
* Technology Evaluation and Selection Recommendation
* Control System Architecture Design
* Project Execution Plan
* Business Process Re-Engineering and Optimisation
* Communication Management
* Measurement and Energy Audits

* Detailed Engineering

The application and design engineering team provides a detailed engineering specification outlining the project's overall design, hardware configuration, control functionality, definition of all operator functions, interface design specification, list of sensors, and the sensor interface to the automation system.

During the detailed engineering and procurement phase of a project, we draw on our vast pool of system integration talent. This talent comprised of over 200 electrical engineers, computer programmers, instrument technicians, and procurement specialists that work together to create a tightly integrated solution.

Each solution we engineer is unique in some way. We recognise every customer has special needs and requirements that make a one-size-fits-all solution inappropriate. This reality allows us to be flexible in our approach and methodology. Depending on the requirements, our employees conduct detailed engineering and procurement tasks including:

* Specify and procure Hardware and Software equipment
* Design and draft Functional Design Documentation
* Design and draft control system drawings
* Prepare construction/installation specifications
* Configure control system software applications
* Do fully functional Factory Acceptance Tests
* Program special software applications and system integration
* Ensure quality assurance through reviews and testing
* Provide overall project management and progress reporting
* Motor Control and Drive Systems

When we design drive and Motor Control systems you are assured of a complete system solution provided by recognised professionals. Incorporating the optimal choices among power, logic, process and information technologies into one system.

* Common DC bus AC drive systems
* Multi-motor DC drive systems
* Servo and positioning systems
* Standard Automation panel construction
* Motor control centres
* Complete documentation packages.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing process or involved with a new installation, you can be confident that we are the right choice in Motor Control Centres, motion control and drive systems implementation

A complete documentation set is provided for each project, including system one-line drawings, equipment layouts, arrangement drawings, logic diagrams and cable schedules.

* System Architecture Drawings
* Shutdown Keys
* Testing Procedures
* Construction and Execution Documents
* Communication Network Drawing
* Process Diagrams
* Logic Diagrams
* Control Diagrams
* Instrument specifications
* Instrument installation details
* Control Panel design
* Motor Control Centre design
* PLC & DCS Engineering

From project conception to completion, we have the resources to handle automation projects of all sizes. We provide a mixture of consulting engineering, project management, and construction services to provide our customers with complete turnkey control system solutions. Cardinal to our success is the fact that we regard Automation as a solution and not a technology.

We are the experts on control systems, but our customers are the experts on the intricacies of their businesses. You are the expert on your process; by listening we implement that expertise into your Automation system.

A significant portion of our engineering staff was once successful plant engineers and all are familiar with the workings of the industrial manufacturing facility. Our success at making our customers' manufacturing systems more efficient and profitable is attributable to this partnering approach.

Collectively, we are knowledgeable in:

* Machine controls
* Material handling systems
* Deep Mining processes
* Refinery processes
* Induction Oven & Furnace control
* Paper machines & pulping processes
* Inventory management, Mixing, Batching, Blending & Tracking
* Bottling lines, paint line scheduling & routing control
* Packaging and Palletising control
* Metals process line control and coiling systems
* High Risk Switchover projects

With 50 automation engineers on staff, we are the solid choice for your PLC system requirements. Your goal is our goal and the successful implementation of automation control systems.

* Support & Training
* Support

After installing and commissioning a new system, we continue to aid our customers through ongoing system maintenance and support. Our technicians are available to work onsite as part of a customer's maintenance team, keeping the system in peak operating condition. They are also available for plant turnarounds and staff fill-in work.

As well, our engineers and programmers are always available to respond to questions, make upgrades, and provide support long after the initial project is completed. The support we provide includes training and technology transfer, enabling our customers to maintain the system themselves.

* Application Training

Proper application training of customer personnel is a crucial factor in a successful implementation and continued operation of a control system. Automation ensures that customer operators, technicians and engineers are fully acquainted with the new Integrated System by offering training sessions.

Our philosophy of training sets us apart from the competition. We believe that technology provides an excellent platform for delivery of information, but the human factor cannot be ignored. Our task-based training designs are tailored to reflect your specific business requirements. Qualified instructional designers work together with subject-matter experts to create training systems that work.

The right training:

* Decreases down time
* Reduces expenses
* Increases productivity
* Reduces employee frustration

Implementing new products or processes into the work environment requires training and education as part of the total solution.

We provide value to our customers by assessing the cost benefits of a quality relevant training program. Based on authentic data gathered from the customer and organization and analysed by
Automation professional staff, recommendations are made to the customer regarding:

* Type of training
* Relevant content of training
* Target audience
* Quality metrics for evaluation of training success

Recommendations are provided based on a cost-benefit analysis. This cost-benefit analysis measures the cost of failure to train against the cost of training. This allows the customer company to see where training is required, but also where it will have the greatest impact. This supports a business case for training within the organisation and sets a framework for development of a cost-effective, quality-training programme.

* Computer Based Standard Training

In our computer-based training, custom products are designed to meet your specific training requirements. We offer full multi-media services and can develop training solutions for delivery by CD-ROM, the Internet, or your company Intranet. Our multi-media services include:

* Interactive driven training
* Onsite or offsite technology training
* Application training
* Automation network & optimisation training
* Plant maintainability training
* Operator general & advanced training
* Project pre-commissioning training

We design custom programmes based on needs analysis that provide detailed task-based instruction and includes a method for tracking and analysing success.

* Service Proposals (SLA)

Due to the increasing number of customers utilising our call centre facilities, it has become essential to implement Service Level Agreements so that you, our customer, can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to production failures.

The model of the proposal is based on the purchasing of hours which you can utilise as and when you want. The different Service functions and levels can also be selected to build a customer specific model based on the customers specific needs.

The main advantage of building your own customer specific model is as follow:

* Guaranteed response time on failures
* Budget yearly for support and training
* Backup services on all software licenses
* Availability 24 hrs, 365 days a year
* Financial payment packages available
* No overtime or variable cost
* Flexibility with time bought
* Can Sync with customer CMMS
* Increase uptime of your plant
* Quarterly plant failure analysis
* PLC and Electronic Board Repairs

Businesses and other organisations depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions. Because component repair is complex and factories cannot allow production equipment to stand idle, repairers on the factory floor usually remove and replace defective units, such as circuit boards, instead of fixing them. Defective units are mostly discarded or returned to the manufacturer for expensive and delayed repairs.

At Automation we have built our reputation as the leading process control / instrumentation repair service by providing the widest range of services in the industry. Our experience in providing repair services to paper and steel mills, petrochemical refineries, food and beverage processors, and wastewater, power and chemical plants gives us the knowledge and skill for any application.

Our 24-hour repair facilities are equipped with a full line of process control systems that match those used in the customers facility. These systems allow us to test components and instrumentation to your standards and specifications. When we complete your repairs, our technicians then system test and calibrate the component.

From controllers and chart recorders to propriety circuit boards and outdated electronic boards, we service a huge variety of manufacturers and models.

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