Cool Clean

By: Cool Clean  09-12-2011

At Cool Clean we not only offer world class water coolers, we provide low cost installation as well. (only available in office areas, see

 for serviceable areas)

The installation process is a fairly simple procedure, we first determine where you would like your cooler, where to hook up the line, and how/where to run the line. The next step is to run the 1/4 inch plastic pipe. After the pipe is run through the predetermined route, we install the T valve. We then hook up all connections and run a series of tests, in order to ensure a reliable seal. 

Our installation options are as follows.

Typical, includes: T-valve, Pipe, and installation.- $60


T-valve- $20

Pipe- $20

Installation- $40

Extra shutoff valve(optional)- $20

Summer promotion: 50% off all installations , (includes everything you need other than an extra shutoff valve.)

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011