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By: Chris Blackwell  09-12-2011

A few weeks ago I lost my laptop. That sucked, obviously! On that laptop I had the code base to the latest project I was working on, a catering application. I didn’t have the code backed up (idiot), nor was I using a version control system like Git, or a remote repository like GitHub (moron). So that left me with having to rewrite the code.

I have literally dozens of applications installed on my Macs. Everthing from productivity software to full 3D games. I rely on most of these apps every day, some more then others. I always have about ten apps that I just couldn’t live without. Here is the list:

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Everyone has an idea. Most of them are bad ideas, mixed with a few good ideas, and every once and a while a great idea. The problem is, online our ideas often are hard to monetize. Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) was a great idea, a service I both loved and used, and they will soon be out-of-business because they were unable to monetize their service.